Thank a Teacher…
or any coach, bus driver, school secretary, counselor, administrator…
With a minimum $10 donation, a special card, including a gift of a notepad, will be your special way of saying thank you to anyone who has made your child’s school year extraordinary. Their name will also be listed in the Advancement Center Annual Report as receiving this honor. Thank-a-Teacher gifts are accepted throughout the year, but are especially appropriate at the holiday season and in the spring at the close of the school year.

To donate online on our secure giving page, click the ‘Give Now’ button above. Under Fund, choose “Designated” in the drop down menu. In the box below, specify THANK-A-TEACHER, and include the name of your student(s), your teacher(s) or other staff member(s) and special message(s).

Honorees for the 2016-17 School Year

Amia Adams
Latrina Alexander
Brad Bilsland
Sam Bradford
Katelin Branson
Andy Brinkman
Rachel Briscoe
Kathy Brown
Dan Brunette
Eric Bruns
Julia Burton
Patty Camp
John Campbell
Kim Carlson
Melissa Carver
Brittany Catt
Becca Christensen
Beckett Christoffel
Gina Clayton
Joyce Click
Bethany Clinesmith
Yosef Cohen
Caleb Collins
Megan Crankshaw
Crooked Creek Elementary School
Leslie Decker
Sylvia Denice
Maddie Denton
Will Dinwiddie
Allison Djoko
Jodi Eagles
David Elian
Sally Ernstberger
Lori Feliciano
Annemarie Fessler
Kindra Fillmore
Melissa Fitch
Michelle Fleming
Krista Freese
Kari Fritz
Susan Gilchrist
Andrea Gollnick
Greenbriar Staff and Bus Drivers
Bill Gulde
Lucita Hanlin
Todd Hanson
Jill Hatcher
Ashley Havron
LaResa Hayes
Steve Herman
Stephanie Higginson
Stephanie Hodge
Emily Hodson
Karin Jacob
John Strange Elementary Faculty and Staff
Tamu Johnson
Kaitlin Kirles
Tim Kuskye
Roya Laghaie
Eugene Lee
Greg Lineweaver
Jeff Mason
Allegra Mather
Reagen Mathew
Jessica Mayorga
Julie McCabe
Jared McElroy
Jan McNulty
Lynda McQuiston
Elizabeth McRoberts
Kellee Merritt
Barbara Miedema
Kevin Miller
Melissa Miller
Brandon Mitchell
Tonya Mitchell
Cindy Moore
Mary Moore
Larissa Morris
Meg Nation
Hilary Nelson
Deanna Nibarger
Traci Odle
Sarah Ogle
Ann Olvey
Kelly Ouattara
Steve Perkins
Jenny Pfeiffer
Anat Pinsky
Kristen Poindexter
Joe Porter
Lindsey Porter
Sarah Ratzburg
Amy Resler
Cheyenne Richardson
Dawn Richardson
Ginger Robertson
Ashlee Sadler
Crystal Schmollinger
Lynn Schopp
Caroline Scott
Erin Scott
Dana Seaton
Laura Sellers
Natalie Sells
Mark Senn
Vicky Smith
Pat Staubach
Dianne Steffey
Brittany Stevens
Samantha Stone
Lathan Stuart
James Tallman
Catherine Taylor
Chastity Thiems
Kelly Townsend
James Tutin
Chris Vermilion
Camille Wallace
Amber Walters
Jasmine Walton
Patsy Watkins
John Weichert
Joe Weller
Westlane Middle School Staff
Savannah Whitson
Diane Wiggins
Emily Wikle
James Wilder
Dina Winfrey
Rashieta Woods
Amy Zehr
Melinda Zore
Pam Zwickel
Suzanne Zybert