Thank a Teacher…
or any coach, bus driver, school secretary, counselor, administrator…
With a minimum $10 donation, a special card, including a gift of a notepad, will be your special way of saying thank you to anyone who has made your child’s school year extraordinary. Their name will also be listed in the Advancement Center Annual Report as receiving this honor. Thank-a-Teacher gifts are accepted throughout the year, but are especially appropriate at the holiday season and in the spring at the close of the school year.

To donate online on our secure giving page, click the ‘Donate Now’ button above. Under Fund, choose “Designated” in the drop down menu. In the box below, specify THANK-A-TEACHER, and include the name of your student(s), your teacher(s) or other staff member(s) and special message(s).

Honorees for the 2019-20 School Year

Tony Armstrong
Vicki Ayres-Benson
Lisa Blanton
Tim Blom
Shelley Boeglin
Katelin Branson
Nick Brewer
Dan Brunette
Yosef Cohen
Destiny Cooper
Laurie Cowan-Turner
Camille Cousins
Diane Culver
Mary Currier-Ramsey
Megan Dorsett
Emily Doss
Rachel Drum
David Elian
Kate Eppen
Katie Flynn
Grant Gaunt
Kim Gentry

Joe Giordano
Julie Grissom
Scott Haber
Monica Hammons
Caroline Haywood
Sydney Hicks
Erica Hoffmeister
Beverly Huneck
Karin Jacob
Kasey Kildall
Becky Klee
Tim Kuskye
Jill Landers
Samantha Lewis-Perez
Greg Lineweaver
Holly May
Brittany Mayfield
Megan McCoy
Julie McKenna
Lori Metzger
Robert Mobley
Leigh Muller
Jessica Murphy
Jill Ofengender

Kelly Ouattara
Dawnsekina Owens
Kaitlyn Owens
Kristen Poindexter
Megan Query-Roth
Nick Reynolds
Cheyenne Richardson
Dawn Richardson
Jamie Rickard
Amy Richie-Zehr
Dana Seaton
Amber Seibert
Chelsea Sheets
Caleb Snow
Kelley Spiegel
Sophie Stevens
Hong Sweitzer
Pam Teter-Williams
Angela Tipton
April Tuason
Paige Vinson
Chad Wallace
Judie Williams
Ronald Woods