Thank a Teacher…
or any coach, bus driver, school secretary, counselor, administrator…
With a minimum $10 donation, a special card, including a gift of a notepad, will be your special way of saying thank you to anyone who has made your child’s school year extraordinary. Their name will also be listed in the Advancement Center Annual Report as receiving this honor. Thank-a-Teacher gifts are accepted throughout the year, but are especially appropriate at the holiday season and in the spring at the close of the school year.

To donate online on our secure giving page, click the ‘Donate Now’ button above. Under Fund, choose “Designated” in the drop down menu. In the box below, specify THANK-A-TEACHER, and include the name of your student(s), your teacher(s) or other staff member(s) and special message(s).

Honorees for the 2017-18 School Year

Jenny Abell
Amia Adams
Mike Allen
Ann Anderson
Abigail Badger
Subha Balagopal
Cathy Barnes
Kaitlin Baumgartner
Adrienne Bell
Vicki Ayres-Benson
Alex Birdsong
Kelly Bobb
Lydia Boll
Lisa Blanton
Sam Bradford
Nicholas Brewer
Chris Brewer
Cheryl Brewster
Tanya Bridgewater
Jennifer Michelle Brinkman
Kathy K. Brown
Marileah Brubaker
Jenny Calin
Emily Carson
Brittany Catt
Mariah Cawthorne
William Clarke
Becky Coffey
Yosef Cohen
Denise Cotton
Anne Craig
Jason Crull
Maggie Cumming
Maddie Denton
Matt Doss
Grace Edison
Jennifer Edwards
Leah Floyd
Vanessa Gee
Craig Ghormley
Ashley Gilchrist
Susan Gilchrist
Joe Giordano
Heather Goodrich
Thomas Grande
Jordan Gratzer
Sally Gray
William Gulde
Nathan Hack
Christina Halterman
Monica Hammons
Danielle Hassan
Stephanie Higginson
Leo Hodes
Dennis Hommel
Becky Hoog
Stacey Hutte
Amber V. Jackson
Karin Jacob
Holly Jarrett
Rasheeda Johnson
Matt Kaiser
Lou Ann Keeling
Heidi Kensinger
Kasey Kildall
Brett Kraftson
Jill Kropa
Skye Leasure
Robert Lewis
Rachel Love
Rhonda Martin
Reagan Mathew
Holly May
Dan McGill
Kellee Merritt
Leslie Middleton
Jacqueline Miller
Rusty Miller
Brandon Mitchell
Tonya Mitchell
Ashley Monroe
Larissa Morris
Carol Lynn Myers
Corinne Neff
Nora Elementary Faculty & Staff
Ann Olvey
Kelly Ouattara
Tom Oestreich
Joe Porter
Terri Palladino
Steve Perkins
Lindsey Porter
Jenny Pfeiffer
Mike Pomerenke
Bryan Ramirez
Emilee Randles
Michael Raunick
Michelle Reel
Janet Regan
Kathy Robbins
Julia Roberts
Dana Seaton
Chris Seigel
Natalie Sells
Nathan Sewell
Kelly Sheridan
Dixie Shrock
Jessica Skrobul
Kim Herron Smith
Vicky Smith
Brittany Stevens
Andy Stoffregen
Rich Stolt
Catherine Taylor
Hwa Tsu
Laurie Cowan-Turner
Chris Vermilion
Alan Vickery
Sharon Thiems
Tyler Thiems
Betsy Walker
Karen Weaver
Joe Weller
David Wheeler
Emily Wikle
Larry Willan
Sarah Wilson
Dina Winfrey
Ian Yearwood
Kate Young
Amy Zehr