Thank-A-Teacher… or any MSDWT staff member


With a minimum $10 donation, we will send a staff member of your choice a special card, small gift,
and sweet treat to say thank you to those who have made your child’s school year extraordinary.
Their name will also be listed in the Advancement Center Annual Report as receiving this honor.

Complete the form below to donate. 


* Thank-a-Teacher gifts are accepted throughout the year but are especially appropriate
during the holiday season and in the spring at the close of the school year.

Honorees for the 2020-21 School Year

Sandra Anderson
Steven Auslander
Adrienne Bell
Byrant Branigan
John Campbell
Kim Carlson
Megan Casey
Kathy Chase
Laura Chittenden
Bethany Clinesmith
Katie Cluver
Josh Cooper
Jana Cosler
Stephanie Courtney
Laurie Cowan-Turner
Kara Davis
Leslie Decker
Jodi Eagles
Myles Garrett
Robert Geile

Susan Gilchrist
Sam Grindl
Maggie Hartnagel
Melody Howard
Berlin Hughes
Clay Hypes
Maravene Inman
Holly Jarrett
Jennifer Kiley
Stacie Kleeman
Leslie Kotyuk
Annie Krueger
Alex Lantz
Jennifer Lyons
Holly May
Stevanni McCray
Rachael Moheban
Brandon Newsome

Keana Parquet
Brenda Penaloza
Chelsea Peresie
Kim Piper
Kristen Poindexter
Jenn Price
Josh Quinn
Mary Beth Reffett
Dana Seaton
Jessi Shaheen
Mary Ann Tellas
Kendra Tessman
Tyler Thatcher
Jill Thrasher-Reid
Madeline Urbanski
Chris Vermillion
Alan Vickery
Jennifer Wilson
Rashieta Woods
Nikki Woodson