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As of spring of 2019, we are proud to have awarded over $3.6 million in grants that have directly supported our students and classrooms! In the 2018-19 school year over $103,000 was awarded in classroom and professional development grants! Should you have a need outside of the grant window, contact the Advancement Center office for consideration.

The Advancement Center Board of Directors dedicates a portion of our annual grants budget for the professional development of our teachers. These are called the Joe Erne Professional Development Grants. As of spring of 2019, we are proud to have awarded over $913,000 in grants that directly support the advancement of our teachers!

The Fall Grant Cycle for the 2019-2020 school year is now open. Grants must be submitted by Wednesday, September 4th to be eligible for consideration. All grant applications are taken online. New users are asked to establish a login (username and password) via Smarter Select, and this will allow you to save progress to a grant and come back to update it, if necessary. Moving online allows a simpler process for the applicant, a more streamlined review for our committee and the opportunity to upload supporting documentation. We hope you find it easy to use.

2018-2019 Grant Awards – A detail overview of what The Advancement Center grants awarded during the past school year.

Fall 2019 Online Grant Request Form (both classroom and professional development grants) – available until Wednesday, September 4th.

Grant Report (For grant recipients) – Please share your grant story with us!

Donors Choose Grant Proposal (required by MSDWT for DonorsChoose applicants) – We match each Donors Choose proposal of $1,500 or less in the district (up to $30,000 total for each school year) and it provides a great way for teachers to Crowdfund a classroom need and get support from us.