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In the Fall of 1956, North Central opened its doors for the very first time. Hopeful and expectant, students poured into the building with budding hopes and dreams of an education that would set their feet on a path towards success. They became part of an educational institution which is now known for its dedication to quality in education, quality in its curriculum, and quality in its teaching and administrative staff. Graduates felt such strong ties of loyalty to North Central High School that there was movement to create a strong association with which to stay connected.

In the Fall of 1996, a brand new North Central High School Alumni Association was created. This independent entity was established as a “Donor Advised Fund” within the Washington Township Schools Foundation. An initial goal of the new Alumni Association was to create and finance a recognition scholarship to be awarded to a student in each graduating class. But how would this annual scholarship be funded? How would it be sustained? It was with these questions in mind that a dedicated, generous group of alumni and supporters came together and formed the “Founding Members Society.” Each member made a gift of a minimum of $500 to help establish a scholarship endowment so that the North Central High School Alumni Association Scholarship, now called the “Merit Scholarship”, could live on. The initial “Founding Members” have their names memorialized on a bronze plaque in the Student Center. Their legacy and support of our Washington Township Schools live on in the important work of our donors, alumni, and supporters here at the Advancement Center. Every time a teacher or student is the recipient of a scholarship or grant, we honor their memory.

If you would like to support the Merit Scholarship, please click here and make a designated gift to the NCHS Merit Scholarship Fund.


Ann Wilhoite Brilley
Cindy Pfennig Fowler
Class of 1971
Class of 1973
Class of 1976
Claudia J. Somes, M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. H. Dean Evans
Dr. Barbara Lynn Bessey
Dr. Cathy Ayn Bryant
Dr. Daniel W. Hicks
Dr. Gerald M. Lande
Dr. James M. Light
Dr. Jeffrey D. Case
Dr. Lawrence A. Warren
Dr. Marianne E. Plzak Inman
Dr. Roberta Trattner Sherman
Dr. Stephen A. Rappaport
Dr. Stephen W. Perkins
Elizabeth Lees Taggart
G. Donald Steel
Hon. Steven H. Frank
James F. Leland
Michael L. Carr
Milton D. Miller II
Miss A’Lelia P. Bundles
Miss Paula Van Ness
Mr. & Mrs. Carl C. Crouse
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Hutchinson
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Martindale
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Voris
Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Fishman
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moore
Mr. & Mrs. William Gray
Mr. Bruce M. Jacobson
Mr. Bryce H. Bennett, Jr.
Mr. C. Kevin Wanzer
Mr. Charles H. Schmidt
Mr. David Morris
Mr. Frederick E. Parker, III
Mr. G. Samuel Bangs
Mr. Gary Gardner
Mr. James D. Blythe II
Mr. James O. Birr, Jr.
Mr. Jon D. Krahulik
Mr. Lonnie G. Nefouse
Mr. Marc Berkowitz “Summers”
Mr. Mark E. English
Mr. Mason R. Goodman
Mr. Richard E. Schulte
Mr. Robert L. Young
Mr. Steven L. Weinstein
Mr. Thomas E. Ransburg
Mr. Thomas F. Schrader
Mr. William H. Strong
Mr. Winston Knauss
Mrs. Dale Stark Leff
Mrs. JoAnne Fehsenfeld Rutigliano
Mrs. Judith Moneyhun Whyte
Mrs. Renee Phillips Rushing
Mrs. Sally Burns Torgeson
Mrs. Susan Root Ross
Mrs. Virginia Filson Goll
Ms. Barbara Fischer Ward
Ms. Cynthia Stackhouse Richardson
Ms. Patricia Pulsifer-Yingling
Nancy Buschmann
Susan E. Schaefer