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It’s what we do!

Since 1985, we are proud to have given out more than $6.2 million and counting in grants, scholarships and program support. It’s how we advance Washington Township, its students, its teachers and its alumni, forward.

Granting Educational Opportunities

The teachers and community in Washington Township work daily to support students. The Advancement Center understands the importance of supporting this hard work by making grant opportunities easily accessible. Whether it is through the DonorsChoose.org match, our classroom grants process, or professional development grants; our educators are encouraged to think big and know we have their backs.

Donors Choose Match: 

The Advancement Center has been supporting Washington Township teacher’s efforts on DonorsChoose.org since 2013. We provide a dollar for dollar match on any classroom grant request under $1,500. During the 2017-2018 school year $30,000 was designated to encourage funding of Washington Township projects from supporters all over the world. Projects such as No Guts No Glory we made possible.

No Guts No Glory… A Donors Choose grant that allowed 300 students to learn about and dissect the American Leopard frog. The experience gave students a hands on understanding of how the frogs body system organs are similar to humans and the location in which they are found in the body cavity.

“The awe and excitement leading up to the dissection was wonderful. Students that have
had a difficult time exhibiting self-control, showed more focus and attention to detail
than ever before. Truly a phenomenal sight- all hands on deck. This opportunity allowed
student to dabble in the “biology/medical” realm. Some decided it was not for them
and others saw something that was a real possibility in the future.” 

– Beckett Christoffel, Science Teacher, Northview Middle School

Classroom Grants: 

The Advancement Center has supported over 3.5 million dollars in classroom and project based grants. During the 2017-2018 school year over $94,000 was awarded and made grants like DreamBox Learning happen.

DreamBox Learning… This grant provided access for 700 elementary students to the DreamBox math program. Whether needed for intervention or rigor, students were able to develop the strategies, critical-thinking skills, deep understanding, and reasoning abilities needed to achieve success and math fluency. Access to this program resulted in 83,473 extra lessons and in 80% average student growth.

“Crooked Creek’s pioneering of DreamBox has definitely led to something bigger.
Exposing our success with the program has led to every elementary students
across the District having access to DreamBox for the next school year.” 

– Susan Cosand, Math Specialist, Crooked Creek Elementary


Professional Development: 

To date over $900,000 has been dedicated to support opportunities for professional development of Washington Township staff. The Advancement Center devotes a portion of the grants budget in support of educating the educator and empowering our staff with the opportunity to be trained by such pioneers as Dr. Ross Greene.

Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions… This professional development allowed the MSDWT Social and Emotional Behavior Coach new ideas for challenging classroom behavior and access to tools for creating healthy, respectful relationships between teachers, students, and families.

“In this new position, it is my privilege and responsibility to support teachers in creating classrooms that support student and teacher well-being. This opportunity helps students
and teachers discover better and more beneficial ways to solve problems. It helps drive
solutions that address the root of the problem, rather than just stopping bad behavior.”

– Deanna Nibarger, Social and Emotional Behavior Coach, MSD Washington Township


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Scholarship Opportunities

The Advancement Center understands that learning does not stop when students step outside of the classroom. Over $300,000 worth of scholarships have been awarded in various forms.


In 2017-2018 over $40,000 in scholarship support was provided to Washington Township students in various forms. These scholarships such as The North Central Alumni Merit Scholarship (Click here to learn the history of this scholarship.) allow students the chance for additional educational support as they build upon the knowledge and skills gained in our Washington Township classrooms.

The North Central Alumni Merit Scholarship… Since 1997 the Merit Scholarship has been recognizing graduating seniors who embody the North Central High School motto: “Achievement through Scholarship, Honesty and Respect.” The award has grown in both size and prestige. With no shortage of exceptional students making their mark at North Central, the Merit Scholarship application pool is deep and the review and selection difficult. But the excellence of the recipients and the impact of the award are clearly worthy of the process as it has become one of the largest scholarships our organization presents each year.

 “It is extremely important for NC Seniors to have strong scholarship opportunities as they graduate to recognize outstanding achievements, both academic and otherwise. Every scholarship helps as college poses a huge financial burden on families and far too often prevents outstanding students from pursuing their dreams. I am proud that NC and the Advancement Center are doing what they can to ensure this is not the case.” – Johnathan Schwatz, NCHS Class of 2017- Merit Scholarship Recipient




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