Starting with the first grants awarded in 1986, the foundation of the Advancement Center has been to enrich the classrooms and experiences of our teachers and students throughout Washington Township. Supported annually through the generous contributions of our donors, we have seen the impact increase dramatically through two decades of service. Below, you will find a detailed list of the current year grants that have been awarded. To the right, you will find a breakdown of the total amount awarded throughout the district since the inception of the grant program.
The impact we have had through this program is immeasurable, but also not possible without the continual support of our donors. Please give today to make sure there are grants to give tomorrow!

To date, the Advancement Center has given over $3.8 million, supporting 1,946 classroom and professional development grants across the township (*denotes district-wide sponsored initiatives and grants given to now-closed schools)
SchoolGrant Money Given
Clearwater $106,078
Crooked Creek $184,784
Fox Hill $175602
Greenbriar $161816
Nora $214,795
Spring Mill $123,175
Willow Lake $31,740
Eastwood $131,778
Northview $139,846
Westlane $161,267
North Central $600,665
Hilltop & JEL $108,797
District* $693,207
Professional Development $935,786