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Frequently Asked Questions About The Advancement Center

Why the need to give?
Public education funding has not kept up with the cost of providing the latest technology, teaching materials and supplementary enrichment experiences that parents have come to expect for their children. Educational foundations, 501(C)3 organizations, like the Advancement Center, raise money through tax-deductible donations and events, and provide grants to teachers and other educators for classroom projects, as well as ongoing programs that help students achieve. Since 1985, we have awarded over $5.3 million to benefit every student and teacher in the district.

What kinds of projects does The Advancement Center fund?
Grants are made in three areas:

  • Professional development: The Advancement Center has played a leadership role in funding teacher training to bring the world class International Baccalaureate curriculum to all students, K-12. In addition, we fund opportunities for teachers and classroom assistants to broaden and deepen their abilities to teach all children.
  • Classroom projects: These initiatives are proposed and led by classroom teachers or parent volunteers. Examples include artists-in-residence, extra-curricular activities and teaching materials not funded by school budgets.
  • Ongoing programs: Certain school-wide or district-wide programs such as Avid and PantherQuest may qualify for recurring support to ensure consistency and reliable funding.

How does the Advancement Center raise money?
Every year, the Advancement Center gives an average of $450,000 in grants and designated gifts. Gifts to the Annual Fund make up the majority of that amount. Many alumni, parents and teachers make annual gifts to the Advancement Center. As a generous sign of their belief in our grants process, approximately two-thirds of the district’s faculty pledge a percentage of each paycheck to support the Advancement Center! Friends of the district can also contribute through various funds.

Each year, the Advancement Center also sponsors two large fundraising events: the Great North Run & Walk, a 1K, 5K and 10K family-friendly event in March, which includes a Fitness Fair supported by many local businesses; and the Fall BASH. For more information on these events, click on the drop downs under the EVENTS tab above.

How do I apply for a grant?
The quickest way to learn the process is to attend a grants workshop, held once each semester. Head to the Grants & Scholarships tab to learn more. Applicants will be asked to explain how students will benefit from the project, when it will take place, who will participate, and to provide a detailed budget.

What is Donors Choose?
DonorsChoose.org is a national, on-line, non-profit organization that enables individuals to support classroom projects in their area of interest. Teachers wanting support for smaller projects (total cost: $1,000 or less) post a description of their idea on the DonorsChoose.org website, and request funding. People who want to support creative educational projects from all over the United States can donate to fund all or a portion of a project. The Advancement Center supports DonorsChoose.org through an annual $10,000 challenge grant for teachers in Washington Township with the promise to fund 50% of grants at $1,000 or less.

Why the merger of the WTSF & the NCHS AA to become The Advancement Center?
We are all after the same goal. Whether you are a parent of a current Washington Township student or an alumnus of North Central High School from 40 years ago, we all have pride in what our schools have done and will continue to do. While our community is wide, our focus is narrow. By merging the resources of both entities, supporters of the entire district now have a central place to connect through.

As an alumnus of North Central, what can I expect from The Advancement Center?
We want to connect you back with your high school alma mater. Our staff is willing and welcome to aid in the promotion and execution of class reunions, the networking of alumni and the storytelling of your high school’s successes today.