Giving back over $8 million to Washington Township can’t be done without the loyal support of thousands of donors annually. Gifts of $250 or more earn recognition in the Superintendent’s Circle with gifts of $1,000 or more to our Annual Fund earning exclusive membership in the 1955 Society. Thank you to all of our 2020-21 Donors! Thank you also to North Central Alumni who are giving back to the alma mater who gave them so much!

*Any donor listed in bold gave an unrestricted gift to our Annual Fund in the Superintendent’s Circle level of giving and above

MASTERS LEVEL (Donations of $10,000 & Up)

Brian Akins
The Brooks & Joan Fortune Family Foundation
Capital Group Charitable Foundation
Terry & Kris Cudahy
Phoebe Meier and Zach Vonnegut Gabovitch
Greenbriar Elementary School PTO
KSBO Consulting LLC
Northminster Presbyterian Church
Andrew Pike
John & Susie Ross
Second Presbyterian Church
St Luke’s United Methodist Church


GRADUATE LEVEL (Donations of $5,000 – $9,999)
Greg and Sally Akers
Gaurav & Rebecca Arora
Bose McKinney & Evans
Paul and Liz Calkins
Dwight and Ann Chernish
Class of 1970 Reunion Fundraiser
Cox, Beckman, Goss & Company
The Walton Family Fund
Indiana Youth Institute
Jim and Christy Jacobi
Eli Lilly & Co. Foundation
Jim and Sara Lootens
The National Bank of Indianapolis
NCXC State Champions 50th Anniversary Fundraiser
John and Patty Nichols
Palmer Family Foundation Trust
Steve and Jane Pratt
Schmidt Associates
Dick and Jamie Schulte
Smoot Construction
Stifel Endeavor Investment Group
John and Sue Whitaker
Willow Lake Elementary PTO

SENIOR LEVEL ($2,500 – $4,999)

Claire and Justin Bolles
Care for Kids Foundation
Alison Schumacher and Sam Carpenter
CSO Architects
Tony and Jennifer Dzwonar
EPIC Insurance Midwest
Charlie and Lori Grandy
Alice Greene McKinney and E. Kirk McKinney Jr Fund
Matt and Emily Kaiser
Marc and Pam Klein
Brooks McKinney
Heather and Bill Pitcock
Powers and Sons Construction Company
Teachers Credit Union
The Skillman Corporation
Jerimi and Kristin Ullom
Daryle and Suzanne Zybert

JUNIOR LEVEL ($1,000 – $2,499)

Adam Alexander
Steve Ball
Tim and Lindsey Blom
Tag and Marta Birge
Jon and Judy Birge
Lynn Boatman
Dan and Val Boots
Gordon Bruder and Celia Surface-Bruder
Karole Butz
C.H. Douglas & Gray Wealth Management
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim
Coca Cola Consolidated Operations
Ryan and Kelli Jane Cronk
Ken Crook
Nancy Crowe
Scott Larrimer and Erin Day
Vernon Downey
Kathy Dreyer
Joe and Kathy Dugdale
Vera Evans
Jeffrey Fisher
Norm and Adrienne Fogle
Brian and Kenda Friend
Bethany Garrity
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Evan and Lynda Goodman
Janice Goodman
Perry and Michelle Griffith
Bill and Phyllis Groth
Indiana University Health
Buddy and Martha Hennessey
Michael and Liane Hulka
Ice Miller
Amy Judge-Prein and Eddie Prein
Koorsen Fire & Security
Jill Kropa
Larry and Beth Lammers
Gerard and Michelle Lanosga
Louis and Leigh Lazaron
Sandy and Kathy Levine
Lough Bros. Roofing & Siding

Jeff and Stacy Lozer
Sarah and Mike Manion
Linda Marler
Christina and John Martin
Mac and Sarah McNaught
Shane McNeil Merriweather
Midwest Presort
John and Robin Minturn
Michael and Dede Moore
Gregory Nefouse
North Mechanical Services
John and Kathy Null
Elaine Palmer
Keana Parquet
David Porter
Ralph and Hope Power
CE Quandt
Lloyd Query
Lance and Ellen Rettig
Tom and Marsha Reynolds
Andy and Joanna Russell
Steve and Jennifer Sanner
Peter Schlifke
Jeff and Donna Schmahl
Scott and Stephanie Schultz
Jeff and Cassandra Short
David and Jacqueline Simon
Jim and Judy Singleton
Rebecka Smith
Wendy Sommers
Carl Sputh
Ryan Sputh
Dave and Ann Sternberg
United HealthCare Systems
Barbara and Bill Tait
Marcia and John Taylor
Sean and Megan Taylor
Kip and Robin Tew
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Brave Heart Foundation
Treasurer of Marion County
Susan Brock-Williams and Brian Williams
Nikki Woodson
David Young

SOPHOMORE LEVEL ($500 – $999)
Kent and Carolyn Agness
Megan Alderman
Kevin Krulewitch and Rosanne Ammirati
Jim and Cindy Barkley
Keith Baumgarn
Matt McNew and Christina Bennett-McNew
Rosemary Blom
Josh and Rachel Bolles
Arian and Kristen Bostic
Bryant and Heather Branigan
Eric and Jennifer Broemel
David Bursten
Stacy Cartmel
Mary Ann Cox
Kimberly Dickerson
Ed Sherman Moving & Storage
Emily Ferguson
Sabra Gage
Shirley Gardner
Drew Gardner
Tim and Amy George
Greg and Mary Lou Gramelspacher
Julie Grissom
Katherine Haas
Anne Hair
Derek and Carey Hamilton
Beth and Mike Heneghan
Jay and Lisa Hill
Andy and Emily Hodson
Julius Hollis
Charles Hubley
Indy Pawn
William and Suzanne Jannetta
Paul Johnson
Stephane and Tamara Jousset
Aimee Kandrac
Rebecca Kendall
Carol Konkle-Sundheimer
Tom and Nancy Lange
Shannon Loehr
Kathy Loggan
Rick Doss and Maureen Marshall-Doss
Angela Mason
Michael and Margy McCormick
Margaret Miller
MJ Insurance
Ginny Munson
Network For Good
Scott and Katie Nichols
North Central Soccer Club
Northview Middle School PTO
Jon and Andrea Pactor
Steven and Ali Pelych

Probuild Company
Michael and Cara Raunick
Erin and David Ravensberg
Mary Beth and Chris Reffett
Mike and Mary Rice
Erica Roberts
Erin Roberts
Taylor Rollins
Bob Schloss
Tom and Dixie Shrock
LaTanya Smith
Gretchen and Richard Spaulding
Jeff and Jennifer Stonebraker
Matt and Sara Tait
Temperature Control Services
Matthew Troyer
James Tuerk
Chris and Traci Vermilion
Becky Volk
Misha Watkins
Chris and Stephanie Waugh
Paul and Maria Weber
Terry and Pam Weiger
Pam Teter Williams
David Wintermeyer
Shawn Wright-Browner
Ace and Beth Yakey

FRESHMAN LEVEL ($250 – $499)

Ibrahim Alghani
Brandon Alkire
Tom Alsop
Loic Andre’
Justin and Melanie Armstrong
Tony Armstrong
Stephen Arthur
Abby Auer
Nathan and Mary Beth Baker
Laura Barber
Erica Beard
James Bell
Sara and Mark Bernstein
Mary Beth Borkowski
Ms. Gayle Bowman
Ned and Julie Breedlove
Susie and Phil Bremen
Michael and Ann Brilley
Kate Brinkerhoff
Andy and Jennifer Brinkman
Angela Britain-Smith
Mariah Brobbey
Desiree Brooks
David and Susan Brooks
Brittney Brown
Jasmin Burch
Anna Marie Burrell
David and Ashley Butz
Patty Camp
Matt and Val Campbell
Louis and Linda Cantor
Peter and Nancy Chastain
Rebecca Christensen
Clearwater Elementary PTO
Steve and Joyce Click
Jon and Cara Clippinger
Kurt Cohen
Shawn Collins
Erika Collins
Eric and Nicole Cooper
Kristie Corn
Travis and Akilah Darden
Gershom and Deirdre Davis
Anthony Dean
Carol Dellinger
Delta Dental of Indiana 

Christel Didat
Beth Diehl-Shelby and Aaron Shelby
Clay and Julie Dilts
Jennifer Dodson
Andy Elkins
Brent England
Bill and Kathy Farrington
Christopher Floyd
Spencer Fort
Hilary Freeman
Brent and Elizabeth Friend
Karen Gardner
Kate and Andrew Goth
Joan and Gerald Grinkmeyer
Seth Hamilton
Monica Hammons
Will and Mandy Haskett
James and Angela Hauck
Katherine Hendricks
Jason Hendrickson
Hot Box Pizza Franchising
Chad Hyatt
Weas Engineering
Maravene Inman
Dwayne and Amy Isaacs
Randy and Pam Jensen
Margaret Johnson
Michael Johnson
Eric and Bethany Johnson
David and Mimi Jose
Daniel Kaiser
Sharon Karp
Charley and Carrie Kirk
Kevin and Kendall Kreinhagen
Natalie Lay
Lilly Endowment
Greg Lineweaver
Mary Fran Lotfalian
Larry Greenbaum and Cassia Margolis
Kimberly Matsuoka
Lindsay McGregor
Daniel Messmer
Chad Michalek
Andy and Leslie Middleton
Stuart Mill
Cyndi Miller
Jerry and Anne Moss
Terry and Lew Mumford

Emma Neikirk
Andy Jenny Noble
North Central High School
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Sharon Oldham
Eric Djenge and Ashley Parsons
Lara Pastore
Kimberly Piper
Kristen and Michael Poindexter
Derek and Laura Price
Jake Query
Bryan Ramirez
Grant and Lynn Remington
Phyllis Ritenour
Susan Roseman
Adam and Kelly Rude
Shelley Rust
Safe Hiring Solutions
Carla Sanford
Lynn Schopp
Micki Schumacher
Shawn and Sean Scott
Matt Segal
Rachel Sever
Kendra Shaar
Bob and Denise Silbert
Bruce and Marcia Sklare
Bradley and Victoria Smith
Kandy Smitha
Spring Mill Elementary School PTO
Greg Allen Stowers Jr.
Rick Strater
Hylton Surrett
Jack and Kimberly Swarbrick
Greg and Michelle Talbott
Melisa Thayer
Angela Tipton
Hwa Tsu
April Tuason
James Tutin
Alicia and Tyson Vaughn
Debbie Waldman
Joe Walker
John and Charlotte Watson
Matt Whitt
Nick Wilson
Ron Woods
George and Caryll Young

HONOR ROLL (Up to $249)
Paul and Linda Abbenhaus
Jennifer Abell
Shobha Abraham
Jamie Abram
Helene Achgill
Keith Adams
Scott Kent Agness
Adam Ahlfeld
Cathe Alao
John and Karri Alberti
Maggie Albright
Carla and Mike Alderman
Mike and Stephanie Allen
Jennifer Amstutz
Kirstie Andersen
Deborah Anderson
Kristen Anderson
Kathleen Andrews
Brian and Myranda Annakin
Ruth Armstrong
Amanda Armstrong
Jeffrey and Christine Arnold
David Arthur
Benjamin Arthur
Merril Aschkinasi
Steve and Carol Auslander
Brian Bachman
Vicki Bacon
Abigail Badger
Mark Bailey
Sara Baker
John and Anne Baker
Mary Jane Baksa
Andrew and Jamie Baldwin
Kelly Banks
Lisa Baqize
Van and Joan Bareither
Dawn Barnes
Kelly and Adam Barnes
Charles and Sharon Barnett
Susa Barrett
David and Sally Bartrom
Donna Batten
Kelli Baumgarn
Scott Bauserman
Trisha Beasley
Ronald Beatty
Angie Beck
Josh and Melissa Behny
Diane Behrman
James and Anne Bell
Lydia Bell
Suzanne Bellamy
Bradley Berman
David and Karen Berman
Nicole Blane
Ellie Blangiardo
Lisa Blanton
Nathan Blumenshine
Joyce Blumenshine
Kelly Bobb
Henry and Pamela Boch
Caroline and Matthew Boch
Anna Boch
Jennifer Boehm
Jeff and Barbara Bohard
Sikmar Bolanos
Cecelia Boler
Migdelia Bolin
Bob and Terri Bolles
James Boots
Cynthia Borst
Joy Bostic
Tiffany Collins Bowens
Alan Bower
Joe Bowman
Elyse Boyles
Bright Funds
Kirk and Rachel Briscoe
Kellie Brotherton
Suzi Bruin
Max Brundige
Cathy Bryant
Girolama Bui
Jason Bullock
Steve and Debbie Bulloff
Dwight Burlingame
Ashley Burns
Jessica Burrell
Michael and Maureen Butz-Obenchain
Jim and Gretchen Cain
Brian and Ali Camp
Pete and Claire Campassi
Stephanie Campbell
Howard and Karen Campbell
Nancy Campbell
John Campbell
Nicole Carney
Cynthia Carr
Anne and Kevin Casey
LaQuita Cassell
Alyssa Casselman
Rosina Catalan
Cater Me Café
Rebecca Cattell
Tony and Lezlie Ceglio
Kelli Cimino
Amy Clark
Kimberly Cline
Bethany Clinesmith
Brian and Paula Clouse
Ross Cochran
Alan and Lindsey Cohen
Steve and Sarah Combs
Emily Corey
Jana Cosler
Bill Turner and Laurie Cowan-Turner
Stephanie Crandall
Ashley Crawford
Tiffany Creedon
Crooked Creek Elementary School PTO
Alexandra Curlin
Patricia Custer
Katherine Barber Custer
Marcus Dalton
Steve and Jacquie Darbro
Lucia Darling
Jim Davis and Jody Vance Davis
Donald and Diane Davis
Marie Davis
Kara Davis
Leslie Decker
Todd Deley
Rick Dennerline
Ken Deuser
Amari Dickerson
David Dietz
Rachel Kristen Dines
Blaine and Dawn Dinwiddie
Julia Dobie
Lori Dodd
Corey and Cassidy Dodson
Thomas Doe
Annette Donegan
Bill and Ann Dugan
Linda Perez Dugger
Duke Energy Foundation
Gary and Lisa Dum
Gordon Dunne
Brenda and Joseph Eber
Cory Edgington
Ed and Jane Edson
Whitney Edwards
Rachel Edwards
Nicholas Ehrmann
John Ehrmann
Janet Eichenberger
David Elian
Victoria Peterson Ellia
Linda Elliott
Molly Ellis
Jennifer Engledow
Stephanie English
Tara Epps
Becky Erdel
Eskanazi Health
Ahren Ewbank
Rick and Karol Farrell
Marni Fechtman
John Feeney
John and Lyn Fencl
Kathleen Barbush Ferguson
Gretchen Ferringer
Marcua Fidler
Edward and Valerie Fillenwarth
Brian Fillenwarth
Dale Fink
Cirsti Fishback
Alison Fleischer
Michelle Fleming
Jeniece Marie Fleming
Jeni Fleming
Leah Floyd
Don and Pam Fogle
Deena Fogle
Robyn Foisy
Renee Foor
Jean Ford
Paula Fordyce
Carol Foulke
Anne Frank
LaTisha Frazier
Brad and Tracey Freeman
William Freeze
Mary Kay French
Brian Funk
Max Block Gabovitch
Margaret Gaffney
Andrea Gaither
John and Barb Gallina
Peter Gallus
Tom Gayda
Greg and Jane Geller
Baron Gemmer
General Electric Foundation
Elizabeth Gill
Doug Gillespie
Joseph and Jamie Giordano
Shane and Jolie Girton
Kelli Glassley
Jason William Gloye
Beth Goetz
Paula Glanzman Goldberg
Virginia Goll
Andrea Gollnick
Brett Goodwin
Kyle Andrew Grand
Sarah Grant
Melissa Grant
Nick Graub
Karyn Graves
Jerry and Sally Gray
Sarah Gray

Patrice Greene
Nick Greer
Brian and Karen Gropp
Bill and Becky Grossman
Gregory Guffin
Patty Guggenheim
John Kent Guild
Robert and Stephie Guptill
Sharaye Guy
Susan Hacker
Lindsay Hadley
Andy and Kandi Hahn
Laura Haines
Thomas and Laura Hakim
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Christy Halterman
Monica Hanlin
Scott Hannan
John and Carroll Hannon
Reilly Harmeyer
Charlie and Cindie Harp
Terrano Harris
Steve Hartranft
Gwen Harvey
Lakshmi Hasanadka
Larry and Louise Haskett
Robin Haskins
Crystal Haslett
Mark Hassan
Danielle Hassan
Mark Haste
Jill Hatcher
Sharon Hayesrobey
Carol Hecko
Stephanie Hendricks
Sarah Henhapl
Jeff and Mindy Henry
Darren Henry
DeAnn Henry
Molly Ann Henry
Rich Herbert
Megan Hershey
Laurel Hess
Rachel Hewlate
Nora Hiatt
David Higuera
Anthony and Jennifer Hill
Gary and Stacy Hillock
Marc Hilton
Mary Hobson
Gabe Hoffman
Fred and Janet Hohlt
Sheryl Holko
Emily Holloway
Erika Holly
Chuck and Becky Holt
Becky Hoog
Marion Hoopingarner
Jenny and Larry Hoover
Jessi Howald
Melody Howard
Dan and Raymonde Howell
Erica Dillow Hoyng
Edward Hruskocy
Julie Hughes
Kathleen Hull
Anne Hultgren
Greg Humrichouser
Beverly Huneck
Julie Hunt
Jim and Cynthia Hunter
John and Patty Hunter
Stacey Hutte
Jasmin Ensminger Illera
Indy Runners, Inc.
Stacy Isaacs
Eli Matthew Isaacs
Amber Jackson
Adam Jacobowitz
Karl and Joan Jacobs
Nicole Jagow
Ainsley James
Tim Jeffers
Jeff and Pam Jenkins
Jordan Jeran
Matt Jerrell
Tara Jobe-Scott
Susan Johnson
David and Patricia Johnston
Kevin and Lanette Jones
Nechelle Jones
Justine Jones
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Debbi Kasper
Emily Keller
Anne Kelley
Samantha Kelly
Laura Kightlinger
Kasey Kildall
Joe King
Alexis Kinsey-Davis
Adam Kirsch
Jane Kirtley
Jason Kistler
Shellee Klausmeier
Jeff and Becky Klee
Stacie Kleeman
Allison Kleiman
Jeff Klein
Michael Kneebone
Colleenia Korapatti
Leslie Kotyuk
Allison Krueger
Kimberly Lakin
Lynn Lambuth
Clifford and Davia Laswell
Craig Lee and Sara Silver-Lee
Robert G. Lee
Julia Leopold
Sara Lett
Greg Levine
Sarah Lewis
Heidi Lewis
Wendy Libby-Bernstein
Anni Lierhaus
James and Nina Light
Jennifer Lindell
Ruth Linsmith
Dan Reagan and Catherine Little-Reagan
Jennifer Locke
Peter and Jessica Loomis
Chyanne Lopez
Kitzi Love
Michael Luckett
Leah Ludwig
Andrea Lurie
Tara Lutes
Joseph Lutovsky
John and Barbara MacDougall
Teleia Magee
Laura Elizabeth Mail
David and Diane Mandel
Jacob and Katy Mann
Natalie Manthey
Jenn Maple
Nate Marine
Danny Marr
Rhonda Martin
Meghan Martin
John and Pamela Marvel
Madeline Mason
Marla Mast
Allegra Mather
Carol Mattson
Betsy Maurer
William and Mary Ann Maxwell
Joe May
Holly May
Linda McCarter
Sharon McCarthy
Tony and April McClurg
Kelly McConahay
Alison McConnell
Lisa McCord
Andrea McCoy
Nupi and John McCreary
Robert McDaniel
Elizabeth McDougall
Nasreen McDowell
Hugh McGowan
Jeanmarie and Hugh McGowan
Angie McIntyre
Lloyd McKinney
Kevin McKinney
Karen McLaughlin
Holly McMasters
Marie McNelis
Jim and Lynda McQuiston
Nadine McSpadden
Christopher McWhite
Susan Megathlin
JW Gregg Meister
Anjelica Menossi
Kellee Merritt
Barbara Miedema
Kevin Miller
Meg Miller
Annie Miller
Erin Miller
Julie Mintun
Andrew Misner
Timothy Mitchell
Tara Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell
Ashley Monroe
Philip and Suzanne Moore
Cassie Morgan
Sjlante LaShay Morris
Ellen Gabovitch and Les Morris
Kimberly Morrow
Liz Moser
Tracy Mount
Soumi Mukhopadhyay
Matthew Mulherin
Terry Mumford
Tracy and Brian Murphy
Marjorie Murphy
Erin Murphy
Megan Murphy
Lynn Myers
Tim and Meg Nation
Jim and Susan Naus
Lynne Naus
Bill and Carrie Neal
Scott and Janet Neat
Virginia Neff
Nick Neureiter
Ann Newcom
Deanna Nibarger
Carolyn Nickols
Indiana Bandmasters Association
North Central High School PTO
Bill & Kathryn Northcutt
Traci Odle

Joseph and Jill Ofengender
Michael and Casey Oglesby
April Oldham
Tom and Ann Olvey
Eric Opalewski
Julia Osburn
Paul and Lisa Osterman
Samantha Outcalt
Rosemarie Overstreet
Kathy Owens
Ellen Pactor
Jacob Pactor
Marla Palacios
Jeff and Kris Parmelee
Crystal Paschal
Kay Pashos
Elizabeth Paul
Denise Pearson
Ronald and Sally Pearson
Kathy Perez
Annalise Helen Petranoff
Hudnall and Diane Pfeiffer
Jerry Phillips
Matt Pieroni
Sandra Pirkle
Julia Plehmeh
Amy Pollak
Mike and Kim Pomerenke
DeAnna Poon
Karen and Joe Porter
Wesley Porter
Teresa Prather
Amanda Quebe
David Queisser
Kelly Queisser
Phillip and Megan Roth
Marileah Racareanu
Katy Rader
David Raes
DeeAnn Ramey
Pam and Steve Rappaport
Audra Rasmussen
Rick and Mary Redman
Jennifer Reed
Michelle Reel
Claudia Mera Reina
Brian and Amy Resler
Michael and Tanya Revell
Dawn Richardson
Tom and Sally Richardson
Michelle Riggers
Matthew Rimstidt
Richard McGowan and Barbara Ring
Tony Ritchey
Paul Curtis Ritchie
Glenda Ritz
Kathleen Robbins
Jeffrey and Sandi Roberts
Cory and Jen Robertson
Matt and Marci Robinson
Miles Roger
Scott and Ellen Rogers
Ellen Rohlfing
Heidi Rohloff
Betty Root
Kevin and Carmela Rosner
Cynthia Ross
Amanda and John Ross
Karen Routt
Mary Ann Ruegger
Tammy Ruel
Amy Ruschak
Tim and Diana Ruschhaupt
Jillian Ryan
Brenda Salazar
Daniel Sandberg
Ellie Sandler
Thomas George Sanner
Luis Fernando Santamaria
Steve Santer
Thomas and Lori Schafianski
Autumn Scheer
Roger Scherer
Nicole Scherrer
Paul Scherrer
Kelsey Schlarb
Andy Schleppi
Michael and Carla Schmid
Paula Schmidt-Hobbs
Crystal Schmollinger
Georgina Schneider
Elliott and Carol Segal
Robert Segal
Elizabeth Sendelweck
Steve and Cindy Shamo
Carolyn Sharp
James Sharrow Jr.
Margaret Sheehan
Ann Shirley
Diane Shirley
David M. Sigal
Greg and Renny Silver
Bennie Silver
Anita and Lou Silverman
Alex and Marcella Slabosky
Andrew Slater
Barry and Lynn Slivka
Allyson Smith and Karon Wallace
Dustin Smith
Dawn Smith
Harold and Mary Smith
Don and Debbie Smith
Kenton Smith
TJ Smithey
Harrison and Karyn Smitson
Basil Smotherman
Anita Smothermon
Katherine Sorrell
Michele Spencer
Peter Grossman and Pauline Spiegel
Ronald and Donna Spraggins
Chris and Susie Sprinkle
Ted Sputh
Lisa Stafford
Toby Ruth Stark
Fritz and Julie Steck
Margaret Steele
Cora Steinkamp
Terri Steinken
Sophia Stevens
Daniel Stillerman
Andy Stoffregen
Anne Stonehill
Gregory Stowers
Anthony and Gail Strong
Caille Sugarman-Banaszak
Ramadhani Ali Dhaudi and Esha Abdalla Suleiman
Kathryn Sullivan
Robert Herzog and Kay Swank-Herzog
William Swarbrick
Noa Tann
Erin Taylor
Bill and Janet Taylor
Mike and Betsy Terry
Louise Tetrick
Scott and Sharon Thiems
Hannah Thomas
Jennifer Thompson
Lannie and John Thompson
Kara Thompson
Jill Thrasher-Reid
Hal and Kathy Thurston
Andy Tinkham
Jennifer Tiplick
Jackie Tolomeo
Katie Torrence
Tracy Toumi
Tom Trankle
Elizabeth Tridle
Alexandra Trogadis
Michael Troutman
Stephen Turchyn
Scott Uecker
Bradley Underwood
Heidi Hoopingarner Urfalian
Laura VanderHaeghen
Shayna Varner
Amanda Vinnai
Paige Vinson
Sarah Lynn Volk
David and Eleanor Vonnegut-Gabovitch
Chad Wallace
Justin Wallshield
Erica Walsh
Allison Walters
Jill Ware
Joan Warrick
Michelle Washington
Doug Wasitis
Natalie Webb
Sonya Weber
Michael and Cynthia Weiner
Robin Weiss
Kathleen Weissenberger
Pamela Weissman
William Welch
Libby Weldon
Suzy Wert
Guy Westermeyer
Bernette Wheeler
Dave Wheeler
Adra Wheeler
Gene and Jetties White
Jessica Whitten
Terry and Renee Wiebel
Matilda Wilhoite
Larry Willan
Judie Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Chastity Williams
Rebecca Willis
Jackie Willman
Melissa Wilson
Jim and Leslie Wilson
Helen Wilson
Rob and Cathi Wineland
Mia Witzenman
Azjah Woodson-Bass
Barry Wormser
Carol Wormser
Lauren Tyler Wright
Julie Wright
Johnny Wright
Jason Wright
Chuck and Pat Wyman
See Xiong
Hanna Yaeger-Busch
Carletha Yarrell
Rachele Yencer
YourCause, LLC
Jeffrey Yu
Matt and Elizabeth Zider
Edward Curtis and Regan Zwald