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2021-2025 Strategic Goals

BRAND: Cultivate greater awareness of and affinity for the Foundation, supporting students, staff, teachers, and alumni of Washington Township schools.

  • Rename the organization and launch a re-branding campaign by mid-2022.
  • Expand telling of the Foundation’s “story” to a wider audience and personalize stories for segmented audiences and specific donor affinity groups.
  • Convey the Foundation’s mission and purpose via the website and various social media platforms.
  • Increase Board of Directors knowledge of mission and message to support their roles as effective and impactful brand ambassadors.
  • Provide and grow sustainable funding for programs identified as District priorities.
  • Support strategic partnerships in the Washington Township community that benefit the Foundation and the District.
  • Improve accuracy of alumni database, increasing number of alumni with current contact information by 5% annually.
  • Establish and support consistent engagement programming opportunities, both virtual and in-person, for various alumni affinities that will be determined as the alumni database is improved.
  • Establish an Alumni Relations Committee within the board committee structure.
  • Facilitate 5% growth annually to achieve a $1 million total spend budget by close of fiscal year 2023-2024.
  • Examine current fundraising events and campaign efforts for maximum impact and possible adjustment and changes.
  • Leverage alumni and alumni networks to deepen engagement and cultivate support.
  • Recruit and retain diverse Foundation board members and staff.
  • Work closely with the District and its Director of Equity and Inclusion to understand and support District priorities in the area of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.