Dan Boots

Board Chairman

Kip Tew


NCHS Class of 1980



Justin Armstrong

Chair Elect

Susie Ross

Vice Chair- Development

NCHS Class of 1973

Jim Lootens

Vice Chair- Grants and Scholarships

Greg Akers

Vice Chair- Alumni Relations

NCHS Class of 1989

Claire Bolles

Vice Chair- Community Relations

NCHS Class of 2002

Stu Rhodes

Vice Chair- Governance

NCHS Class of 1966

Ashley Butz


NCHS Class of 2002


Karri Alberti


Brian Annakin


Rebecca Arora

Jasmin Burch

NCHS Class of 1990

Kim Dickerson


Bill Farkas

NCHS Class of 1984

Carey Hamilton

Liane Hulka

NCHS Class of 1997

Karen Kiger Porter

NCHS Class of 1960

Beth Root Lammers

NCHS Class of 1977

Tom Oestreich

Edward Prein

Marsha Reynolds


Stephanie Schultz


Greg Stowers

NCHS Class of 2005

Matthew Tait

NCHS Class of 2002

Pam Weiger

Nick Wilson

NCHS Class of 2004


Bryant Branigan

North Central Principal

Susie Bremen

NCHS Class of 1970

Steve Combs


John Fencl

School Board Representative

Sabra Gage

WTEA Representative

Ginny Hacker

Anne Hair

Pam Klein

Kathy Null

NCHS Class of 1982

Scott Russell

Parent Council Representative

Jennifer Sanner

Jared Schingel

Student Representative

NCHS Class of 2019

Donna Schmahl

BASH Co-Chair

Becky Volk

BASH Co-Chair

NCHS Class of 1983

Nikki Woodson


Suzanne Zybert

Great North Run Fitness Fair Chair

Chairman’s Award 2017-18:  Donna Schmahl

The Chairman’s Award is given annually to a member of the Board of Directors for wise counsel and unselfish service to further the mission of the Advancement Center.

Donna Schmahl with the 2017-2018 Chairman’s Award