This year was definitely a year for ingenuity and trying out new ideas, and the results of our Great North Swap didn’t disappoint!

Swappers enjoying their Duplo blocks purchase!

Our virtual consignment sale, benefitting our schools, raised over $11,000 and had 300 participants! We are beyond grateful to our sponsors, supporters, and committee members who made this event a reality. Our schools did a wonderful job promoting this one-of-a-kind event, and all will receive prize money based on the number of sellers who designated their school. Congratulations to North Central, Crooked Creek, and Eastwood for receiving the most school designations! We know that in this challenging year, you will put those funds to good use supporting our teachers and students.

District Social Workers “shopping” at The Castleton Swap.

And finally, we were so pleased to close-out our event by inviting our district’s incredible social workers into the Castleton Swap space to “shop” through unsold clothing items to bring back for students in-need to their home schools. In a year where wins have been hard to find, the Swap was truly a WIN/WIN for everyone involved! We know the Great North Run and Fitness Fair was very missed this year, but we are so grateful to everybody for embracing the Great North Swap in its absence and making possible the fundraising necessary to support students and teachers throughout Washington Township.