Smith Brothers (NCHS 2005, 2007, 2012)

Smith Brothers (NCHS 2005, 2007, 2012)

Scott (class of 2005), Eric (class of 2007) and Mark (class of 2012) Smith, or the “Smith Brothers”, are all products of Washington Township Schools practicing medicine today. It’s amazing to think that three siblings all went into medicine, but they all credit their experience in Washington Township Schools as a contributing factor. Both Scott and Mark went into orthopedic surgery in Indiana and middle brother Eric is a diagnostic and neuro interventional radiologist in San Francisco.

“I firmly believe a well-rounded education, such as that provided by Washington Township, provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dreams. In my opinion, the quality of education is second to none, and having a multitude of valuable resources available was integral to my success. I will forever be grateful for my educators and indebted to those who helped me on my path.” Eric Smith

Both Eric and Scott had the pleasure of having the famous NCHS teacher Mr. Russell for AP Biology, a pivotal teacher and moment for both of them. Eric recalls the passion Mr. Russell brought to the classroom. “He had such a passion for science and teaching. It truly was a college-level class that was both difficult and rewarding, and ultimately fostered my interest in anatomy and physiology.” Scott echoes that sentiment saying, “He fostered such enthusiasm for science in so many students and was very influential in my decision to pursue science in college.”

While youngest brother Mark didn’t have the opportunity to have Mr. Russell, he credits his coaches while playing both baseball and football at NCHS for having a huge impact on his life. “My favorite teachers in high school were Coach Anderson and Mr. Granlund. Both Coach A and Mr. Granlund achieved for nothing less than perfection. They taught me a great deal about time management and the dedication necessary to achieve success. They also taught me to continue working towards your goals because there is always room for improvement.

It was the diversity of the students, academic opportunities and extracurriculars that all three Smith brothers can agree make them better doctors today.

“My experiences in MSDWT taught me how to relate to people from all walks of life, both similar and different than mine. This experience of relating to people from different backgrounds, attempting to understand their perspective, and working together for a communal goal has been essential in my career. As a physician, your patients are highly heterogeneous and the ability to understand and work with them is vital to success. In my opinion, NCHS is one of the greatest schools in the area for the opportunities that it presents. During my four years, I was involved in the baseball team, football team, Wind Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra among other clubs and productions. Being able to choose from a plethora of options both inside and outside of the classroom was invaluable.” Mark Smith

These experiences were especially important this year when dealing with COVID-19 in the medical field. While none of the brothers are actively working on the frontline, their practices have all be affected by the pandemic. Scott’s practice at Riverview Health was shut down for 6 weeks due to COVID and he actually went back to training and was prepared to engage on the frontlines; however, it never came to that. Eric’s been more directly affected as radiologists are in a unique position to aid in the diagnosis of patients, help guide treatment strategies, and not infrequently suggest a diagnosis on patients who are otherwise asymptomatic and getting a scan for an unrelated purpose.


Don and Debbie Smith, life-long Washington Township community members, are very proud of their three sons.

“We moved into Washington Township before our boys started school and Washington Township Schools’ reputation for educational excellence was a big factor in our decision.  Our sons had excellent teachers and coaches who inspired them at every level.  We believe that good schools are indicators of good communities and we continue to support Washington Township Schools.”

Currently, oldest brother Eric lives in San Francisco with his new wife, Scott is living in Carmel with his wife and 2-year-old with a baby on the way and Mark is in Indy with a wife and young son. While family gatherings can often get competitive, one thing they can all agree on is their shared experiences in Washington Township.

“Both the academic rigor of MSDWT’s AP programs as well as the diversity of the student population definitely prepared me for a career taking care of patients. My MSDWT education set a very strong foundation which allowed me to succeed in pursuing a medical degree.” Scott Smith