Panther Partners are Perfect Pairs

Panther Partners are Perfect Pairs

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day which means TODAY is Panther Partner’s Day!

This annual article profiles North Central Alumni who have cruised through life after NC as a pair.  We relish any opportunity to share alumni stories, but being able to do it with an extra dose of love has been a favorite for the past 5 years. This year we add the following three couples to those featured previously in 20162017, 2018 and 2019.

And, for those of you still happily married after knowing your soul mate back in high school, what better way to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You,’ than with a gift to the place that made your relationship a reality! This Valentine’s Day, consider a gift in honor of your time together? Perhaps $1, $5 or $10 for every year you’ve been married! Click Donate Now and give a tribute gift to honor your North Central nuptials, and celebrate your Panther partnership, just like these couples:

Scott Boatman ’87 and Cindy Withrow ’88 

Scott Boatman and Cindy Withrow met in study hall when Cindy was a freshman and Scott was a sophomore. Cindy asked if anyone would do her homework and Scott volunteered…it was love at first completed homework assignment! Their first date, which was set up by Cindy’s twin Niki, was at Pizza Hut in Nora. Little did Cindy know that Scott’s mom, brother and sister were dining there as well just to get a peek at their first date. Scott and Cindy both have fond memories of school dances, sharing lockers and Friday nights where Scott played football and Cindy was on the Pom Squad. The couple dated throughout high school and college. Scott played football for IU and Cindy attended Purdue, but the long-distance romance endured. Scott and Cindy were married in 1993 and ironically it was not the first time they had been at that particular altar together. As it turns out, they were baptized at the same service as babies! The couple now lives in Denver, Colorado and have two boys, Tommy, a senior at SMU and Willy, a sophomore at Northwestern. While they now call Denver home, North Central will always have a soft spot in their hearts as it is where they met and fell in love!

Everett ’01 and McKenzie (Schoo) ’01 Paschal

Everett and McKenzie became close friends their senior year in Class Council. They both had lockers in Lower N hall and saw each other often before and after school and during passing periods. McKenzie saw potential and was on the pursuit from the beginning while Everett was slow to come around! By graduation, their relationship had begun to blossom. They both went on to attend IU in Bloomington. They were married in Indianapolis in October of 2011. The first home they purchased together was right behind North Central and they remember listening to the band from their porch on Friday nights during football season. Everett and McKenzie have two children, Cade (4) and Cora (3), that will attend Washington Township schools once old enough. McKenzie recalls that their first date was not what she expected. She was very surprised when Everett came to pick her up along with two of his closest friends…not exactly what she had in mind! Because their relationship dates back to their NC years, they feel that not only do they know each other well, but they know each other’s friends well too. As McKenzie says, “they are everywhere”! They even have several NC couples in their neighborhood. They intentionally bought their home in Washington Township so that their children could attend the schools. They recently attended The Advancement Center BASH and look forward to getting involved as their children begin school! Washington Township continues to be a family affair with McKenzie’s younger sister, Molly Henry, serving as one of the Guidance Counselors at Northview and her parents still living in Washington Township.

Phil ’63 and Gail (Theis) Barrett ‘65

Phil and Gail were set up by one of Gail’s girlfriends. Since the pair went to school together they did not consider it a blind date, but the pressure was still on as the set up was for Gail’s Sweet Sixteen birthday party! Phil was a senior and Gail was a sophomore. They “officially” met during lunch outside the cafeteria at North Central (present day Northview). Phil was standing next to the railing near the steps when Gail walked up to him and said, “Are you Phil Barrett”? As Phil says, the rest was history! He was really impressed with her and awestruck with her appearance. Their first date, before Gail’s Sweet Sixteen party was after school at Borkie’s on Broad Ripple Avenue. After arriving at Borkie’s, Phil ordered a hamburger but Gail was very nervous and said she wasn’t hungry. When the food arrived, he politely asked her if she wanted a bite of his burger, she said, “Yes” then proceeded to eat the whole hamburger causing Phil to order another for himself. At North Central, Phil was involved with choir and participated in musicals and plays and Gail was known for being the fastest typist at school. At Gail’s party, Phil remembers Gail looked amazing. He had brought his guitar and sang folk songs that night. This must have impressed her as that same night, Gail told her girlfriend that she was going to marry Phil! Two years later, they were married on November 20, 1965 in Arizona and then honeymooned in Laguna Beach, California. Phil and Gail have been married 54 years and have four children; Tami, David, Julie and John. They have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Their daughter Tami, and her husband Daniel, live in Washington Township and work for the district; Tami at CEC and Daniel at North Central. The Barretts have spent most of their lives in Christian ministry. They have lived in 4 states and traveled to Israel, Greece and Egypt several times. They have ministered in 7 countries, teaching in churches and bible schools. Phil has written 5 books and is working on another. Both Phil and Gail remember North Central fondly and recently went back to have their picture taken in the exact location where they first met!