A Royal Tradition

A Royal Tradition

Nancy Wrege TerHaar 1969 Northerner Senior Picture

Every High School has their individual traditions, but the Homecoming Court is one that spans high school and college campuses across the country. It is a time honored tradition that celebrates the engagement of the student body and those committed to keeping the community energized with school spirit. 2019 will mark the crowning of North Central’s 62nd Homecoming Queen (known in the early years as Queen of the Fall Sports Dance)! We had the privilege recently of connecting with North Central’s 12th Homecoming Queen, Nancy Wrege TerHaar (’69). Now living in Illinois and Arizona, TerHaar is preparing to return to Indianapolis this weekend for her 50th class reunion.

A lot has changed since she was a student. We confirmed for her that there is definitely no longer a turkey farm across the street from Eastwood Middle School. However, we were able to share that some of her favorite traditions like Junior Spectacular and the end of year paper throw remain. Her class, when together, will no doubt reminisce about other favorite North Central experiences from the late 60’s like sorority clubs, football games, bonfires and GAA. Nancy has many fond memories of these and the many other activities available to NC students. Even though they did not have athletics for girls when she attended, she felt strongly that “North Central started all students on the right foot for an exceptionally active life”. An lifestyle she still embraces today, participating in activities like triathlons and bike races.

As a student TerHaar remembers serving as a candy striper at Community Hospital where her dad was a surgeon. The experience confirmed for her that she did not want to be around sick people but rather pursue work that would keep people healthy. She embraced activities at North Central that prepared her well when she continued education at Ball State. She earned her degree in Physical Education and Health and has spent her professional life educating others on the importance of health and fitness.

In addition to spending 25 years teaching, she and her husband Terry have raised children who exemplify the statement about the apple not falling far from the tree. This year her daughter will also be returning to her high school alma mater in Chicago to celebrate being crowned Homecoming Queen 25 years ago.

Nancy is looking forward to connecting this weekend with old friends and to see for herself how much has changed and just how much has stayed the same. She will be on the football field at half time this Friday to congratulate the 2019 Homecoming Court and celebrate the time honored Homecoming Queen tradition.

 Homecoming article from the 1969 Northerner