2019 North Central Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 North Central Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of two more exceptional North Central alumni into the Hall of Fame. Since 1991, North Central has honored a number of esteemed alumni with induction. These inductees help highlight the work and accomplishments of our prestigious Panther alumni.

North Central does an incredible job of preparing students for future success. This foundation creates a network of well-regarded and accomplished alumni, but can make the selection process of honoring only a few each year difficult. A committee comprised of North Central alumni who are current members of the high school faculty convene each year to consider all nominees (you can nominate an alumnus at any point). The North Central Alumni Hall of Fame will now consist of 110 members, thanks to the two inductees for 2019…

Aasif Bade ‘00

Please join The Advancement Center in welcoming Aasif Bade to the 2019 North Central Hall of Fame. Aasif graduated from North Central High School in 2000 and was recently back at the school giving the Baccalaureate speech in 2017 and receiving the 2018 MSDWT Superintendent Service Award. Aasif went to work for Duke Reality after completing Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program and went on to complete over $1 billion of commercial real estate transactions for Duke. He branched off to start his own real estate company, Ambrose Property Group during the height of a recession, a time when fears were abundant, and money was not. Aasif’s business began from a mere closet, and has steadily grown to become recognized as an industry leader.

Aasif, and his wife Tasia, give back to the Washington Township community on a regular basis. Tasia had no choice but support her husband’s love of North Central: Aasif’s first date with Tasia included a trip to the parking lot of North Central High School so he could show her his high school that he cared so deeply. Aasif’s parents arrived in the United States in the early 1970’s and he grew up in a house that always provided but cherished how Washington Township was a place where one’s background or finances never superseded friendship and interaction. As a child, he felt equal.

“I was a football player and active student at North Central High School, and my fondest memory of Washington Township wasn’t necessarily positive. It was getting a disappointing grade in Mr. Armstrong’s high school English class. Today, I laugh that my worst grade is my fondest memory. I didn’t become the greatest writer in the world, but I became a better writer. Back in those days, the ups and downs were taken more seriously than they needed to be. In hindsight, I think the best part of North Central and Washington Township Schools was the diversity and how it prepared you for the real world.”

Those who spend time with him quickly realize his love and passion for helping kids in need. Throughout Washington Township, much of his support goes unnoticed and uncelebrated – just how he prefers it. Aasif is regularly working with Nora Elementary to make sure students and teachers have the resources needed to be successful. Whether it is Nora “family shirts,” winter jackets for kids in need, or so many other things behind the scenes, Aasif makes sure students in Washington Township have support and resources.

Aasif is involved at a board or volunteer level with numerous community organizations including the YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, CICF, Indiana University Foundation, 500 Festival Committee, Common Goal Mentoring, TechPoint Foundation for Youth, and the Indiana University Benecki Center for Real Estate Studies. You will notice from this list, many are about fostering support and mentoring for young people. Even though Aasif gives back to countless worthy causes at the local, regional, national and international levels, he always makes sure that North Central High School and Washington Township Schools are a top priority. Aasif is the epitome of what Washington Township Schools prides itself on through the International Baccalaureate program. Whether it is excelling professionally as a global thinker or taking those gifts and using them to give back to humanity in a way that impacts the community, country and world, Aasif has truly made a tremendous impact in Washington Township and beyond.

Louis Profeta ‘82

The Advancement Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Louis Profeta will be one of the 2019 North Central Hall of Fame inductees. Dr. Profeta is a 1982 NCHS graduate who served as the 2018 North Central High School Baccalaureate Speaker, where his comments went viral and resulted in a Washington Post article “He Failed High School Chemistry and Algebra. Now a Doctor, He Went to His Alma Mater to Tell Graduating Seniors about Success” and was also the feature in countless news broadcasts. Dr. Louis Profeta is not only a nationally recognized emergency room doctor at St. Vincent, he is also an award-winning writer and was named LinkedIn Top Voice for readership in healthcare. The Society of Professional Journalism honored his article “Your Kid and My Kid Aren’t Playing in the Pros” as one of the best articles on sports in 2014. In 2018, he was honored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for his contributions on online media.

Dr. Profeta travels around the country talking to students on ways to remain healthy and safe. These discussions help students realize that there are ramifications for making poor life choices. His article “A Sunday Talk on Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying with Frat Boys” is one of the most shared articles ever on LinkedIn, exposing the disastrous consequences of the opiate epidemic, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual assaults. Dr. Profeta truly cares about young people’s future. Many of these presentations he does free of charge and he generously donates his time and expertise to North Central students and administration.

“Even if you have very brief interactions with people, if they are life-changing interactions, it’s the quality of interaction not the quantity. Everybody has the same fears. Everybody’s body stops the same. We are all the same, we’re just in different shells. I’ve seen 80,000 – 100,000 people now in my career and every day is a new day to make an impact!”

Even though Dr. Profeta is in the business of saving lives on a daily basis, he is reluctant to bring up how he saved a young girl’s life who was hurt from a pipe bomb when he was still in medical school. In April of 1989, a young girl handled a pipe bomb left inside the Castleton K-Mart. The bomb went off in her face, where she lost her left hand and sight in one eye. Dr. Profeta was behind the young girl in the store and immediately tended her wounds. The family of the young girl credits Dr. Profeta with saving her life. They reunited after twenty years, and Dr. Profeta learned she became a physical therapist to help others in need, just like Dr. Profeta helped her back in 1989. Whether he is caring for patients or critically thinking in the emergency room or speaking nationally – Dr. Profeta helps others be better.