Panther Partners Share North Central Pride

Panther Partners Share North Central Pride

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day which means TODAY is Panther Partner’s Day!

While not a national holiday… just yet, the day we share profiles of North Central Alumni who end up coupled after graduation is definitely one celebrated at The Advancement Center.  We relish any opportunity to share about our incredible alumni, but being able to do it with an extra dose of love is always more fun! These three couples as well as those featured in previous years (20162017, 2018) have all chosen to walk through life with fellow Panthers. We know however, that they are far from the only ones! Do you have a good Panther Partner story? We are always looking for couples to feature this time of year and would love to hear ideas from you! Send an email to the Advancement Center and share your favorite NCHS love story with us!

And, for those of you still happily married after knowing your soul mate back in high school, what better way to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You,’ than with a gift to the place that made your relationship a reality! This Valentine’s Day, would you consider a gift in honor of your time together? Perhaps $1, $5 or $10 for every year you’ve been married! Click Donate Now and give a tribute gift to honor your North Central nuptials, and celebrate your Panther partnership, just like these couples:

Christopher ’90 and Wyona (Lynch) ’89 McWhite

Property lines do matter! Just ask Christopher and Wyona who lived only a few houses apart along the border of Washington and Pike Townships. If Wyona’s house had been farther west the two would never have ridden the same bus and Christopher would never have passed her a note to introduce himself after noticing her beautiful hair! The couple “officially” met in 1988 during Wyona’s senior year at North Central. Although the two never really dated while in high school, Christopher, a junior at the time, did work up the courage to ask Wyona to her senior prom.

In 1989, Wyona graduated and the two went their separate ways. Wyona traveled south to Florida A&M and Christopher stayed to finish his senior year and then headed off to Vincennes University. The two did keep in touch and in the early 90’s, when Wyona was moving to Chicago for graduate school, she reached out to Christopher looking for a roommate. That shared lease ultimately resulted in a wedding proposal and in November 1995 the two were married! Twenty-three years later, the couple is living in southern Massachusetts and learning to be empty-nesters now that their two children have grown.

The McWhite’s reflect positively on their time as Panthers and feel especially proud of all the “extra experiences” North Central provided to them. The opportunity for classes at the J. Everett Light Career Center actually had an impact on each of their post high school paths. Wyona’s time in her JEL photography class was a stepping stone to a photography focused fine arts degree and Christopher’s access to autoCAD drafting proved beneficial to him in his career as a Building Inspector.

”Panther Pride is not just our cry at pep rallies. It’s what I carry with me from Indy to Chicago. From Virginia to Georgia and even to the Colts “enemy” territory here in Massachusetts. There is not a single person I speak to who is not wide-eyed when I tell them my graduating class was 1000+ students, we had a fully functioning planetarium (I’m still angry its now a storage space), and 36 tennis courts to match the multiple football and baseball fields alongside a complete industrial arts education facility. Red, White, and Black are still colors I wear and never forget what they mean.” -Christopher

Juan Carlos ’15 and Estefani (Burgara) ’15 Gonzalez

I suppose you could say these Panther Partners started off more as Falcon Friends having met in 7th grade during a Northview art class. They admit they did not always get along well in middle school, but that all changed their freshman year when they ended up with a shared JROTC period.

Their first official date was going to the movies. Carlos will tell you it was a “typical cheesy first date”, but it obviously worked! The two started dating in January of 2012 and during their junior year their son Ivan was born. Both Carlos and Estefani did JROTC all four years. Carlos was a Raider Commander and Estafani decided to stay with JROTC so the couple could have more time together. One of their favorite North Central memories was winning King and Queen at the Military Ball their senior year.

The couple got married after finishing high school in 2015 and have been married 3 years. They work together at North End Barbeque where Carlos is managing and Estefani is a hostess. They are currently looking to buy their first home and hope to enroll Ivan in Washington Township when he is ready for school.

Having their son during their junior year certainly added extra challenges to high school. Carlos and Estefani credit North Central in giving them the tools to turn those challenges into successes. “Our shared North Central past has taught us how to overcome adversities in our relationship and matured us as adults.” Their connections with the amazing NC faculty and access to incredible experiences helped turn what could have been obstacles into opportunities.

“The fact that we could participate in many extracurricular, raise our son and still graduate on time says something. We would like to thank North Central for all the opportunities and knowledge it gave us.” –Carlos

Sean ’96 and Shawn (Mulherin) Scott ‘96

Even though Sean went to Eastwood and Shawn went to Northview, the two 7th graders became “boyfriend and girlfriend” after noticing each other at the Nora Library. As Shawn recalls, she was there studying and Sean was there with a friend doing anything but. They “went out” briefly but ended up going the friend route because Shawn found Sean, as middle school students today would say, a little “extra”. However, by sophomore year at North Central, Sean had won her back with courting gestures like frozen yogurt from Freshens in the Keystone Mall food court.

Their first high school date was to see the movie Speed with two other NC grads Nick Ehrmann (’96 & Hall of Fame) and Annie Singleton (’96) who are now also married with 5 kids. Keanu Reeves must have some real binding power as the couples are still best friends to this day. Parties, doll dances, prom, grad dance, even a  surprise Valentine’s Day double date planned by Shawn and Nick for Sean and Annie to see Boyz II Men serve as more than North Central memories for these two. These milestone high school moments also serve as the foundation of their courtship.

They went to separate schools for college, Sean to IU and Shawn to Hanover, but were well aware that their future was one together. Sean gave Shawn a gold promise ring with 5 tiny diamonds in it and the couple now have those same diamonds set on the inside of their wedding bands.

The Scott’s were married in February 2004 and now have 3 beautiful children, Jacqueline (10), Juliette (7), and Henry (4) who attend or will attend Washington Township Schools. They have loved the opportunity to connect with so many NC classmates that now also have children in Washington Township. “We have such a deep connection to our friends from North Central and it makes us excited at the prospect of our children sharing the same connection.” – Shawn

Both have embraced their roles as parents in the MSDWT community with Shawn volunteering through the PTO at Allisonville and Sean joining The Advancement Center Board of Directors. They feel a deep sense of connection and pride and a desire to maintain the exceptional education and community they benefited from as students.

“North Central is an extremely accurate representation of the world we live in.  The racial and socioeconomic diversity taught me a great deal about working, and celebrating with people from all walks of life, and I am confident my experience was a factor in the personal and professional success I have been lucky to enjoy in my life. We have a tremendous amount of pride for Washington Township, and North Central.  I am proud to be a part of the community, and proud to be raising future North Central Panthers.  No matter where they go in their life and what they do, I am confident that like Shawn and I, they will point to their experiences in Washington Township as a catalyst for their success as well.“ -Sean