Buzzing through BizTown

Buzzing through BizTown

The morning routines may have been the same, but how these Allisonville students spent the rest of their day was anything but typical. They went to work… just not their normal work as students.

The preparations for this day were weeks in the making. There were job applications filled out and interviews conducted. There were speeches given for elected positions and research done on assigned roles. Each task, an important part of the overall Junior Achievement BizTown experience.

JA BizTown is a reality-based learning environment that allows students to experience financial literacy through hands on activities.  The day is impactful and allows students to connect economic education to real life in a fun and engaging way.

“I really enjoy seeing my students transform into citizens of JA Biztown. Every student takes ownership of their responsibilities and feels excited to see how successful they were at their jobs, even if they were unsure of how well they would do. These experiences are influential on not only academic successes, but for also social development.” -Rashieta Woods, 5th Grade teacher at Allisonville

Since 2012, over $30,000 has been provided through Advancement Center grants to support Washington Township students in the JA BizTown experience. Donors have made this simulation possible for EVERY student across the district during either their fourth or fifth grade year.

The simulated town is a constant buzz of activity. While at work, the students do activities such as learning how to write checks, speak publicly about development and sales, submit loan applications and promissory notes to the bank, install smoke detectors and issue tickets for not following directions. Each activity plays a part in making the city run and enhancing the student’s educational experience.

Meet Chase
Job: Mayor

Was most excited to be mayor because he enjoys the people he is working with at city hall and likes giving speeches. He knows this is a BIG job but feels confident that if problems come up during the day he will find the right people to bring about solutions.

Meet Andi
Job: CEO, Steak n’ Shake

Gave an excellent opening speech about everything Steak and Shake had to offer and why it would be the perfect place for BizTown citizens to snack during their breaks!

Meet Carlos
Job: Marketing Director, One America

Helped customers assess what kind of investor they are based on a survey and explained retirement options based on their identified risk level. He let us know they also provide loans not just retirement services.

Meet Charlotte
Job: Photographer, Sharp

Working in the news was her first choice. Her goals for the day were photographing every student doing their job as well as selling advertising for the various news platforms in BizTown.

Meet Livia
Job: Personal Banker, Huntington Bank 

Took time to meet with Town Attorney, Ezra, to discuss his banking needs and how the services Huntington Bank offered might be of use to him.

Meet Zion
Job: CEO, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Took great care in preparing his talking points about insurance, health vouchers and the wellness exams that Peyton Manning offered. He was also encouraging of people to consider stress balls, Chap Stick and hand sanitizer when looking for ways to spend their discretionary funds.

Meet Michael
Job: Delivery Worker, FedEx

Thrilled to get his first choice in jobs. He was excited to deliver packages because he likes to keep moving and did not what to have to sit at a desk!

Meet Taryn, Penelope and Julia
Business: Radio Disney

Radio Disney employees had a quick in-studio powwow to make sure messaging and advertising were set before the DJ’s hit the airways.

Meet Luci, Nate, Bryon, Alex, Lucy and David
Business: Eli Lilly

Eli LillyEli LillyEli Lilly

Worked diligently on product testing and pricing. They were proud that their efforts allowed them to pay off all of their loans by the end of the day and end up in the black.

Meet Kaden, Hadley and Simon
Business: Defenders

DefendersDefendersTook their job of safety seriously. One of their first tasks was making sure all of the smoke detectors were placed properly and in working order.