A Capella Grant is… Some Kind of Wonderful

A Capella Grant is… Some Kind of Wonderful

Joyce Click is always finding ways to make wonderful things happen for her students. There is not a grant cycle that passes that she does not reach out to The Advancement Center with an idea to engage her choral students and take their learning farther. It is because of dedicated faculty like Mrs. Click that North Central Performing Arts is recognized among the best in Indiana and nationally.

Every year The Advancement Center sends several MSDWT choral teachers to Show Choir Camps of America. While at camp in 2017 Mrs. Click saw a group called “The Filharmonic” perform and knew she had to find a way to let her North Central choral students experience the same lessons this group had shared.

The Filharmonic, an LA-based a cappella group of Filipino-American youngsters gave an amazing performance. But it was their passion and message about education of a capella for high school students that engaged Joyce’s imagination. She was drawn to the blending of musical styles and the way it highlighted the vocal instrument. Joyce knew this style of music and performance had lessons that would not just speak to her student’s as performers, but also as people of a diverse community.

Joyce will be the first to tell you that growing up, her family did not travel much and that impacted her understanding of the world. But her experiences as a teacher and through music have expanded her dramatically. Her own personal growth drives her belief that music is a vehicle for global connectedness as well as peace and understanding among cultures. Mrs. Click believes strongly that much of our learning occurs outside of classroom walls, and when she can’t take her class out into the world she will do everything in her power to bring the world to her class.

This fall, through funding from The Advancement Center and the North Central PTO Mrs. Click did just that. Six Appeal, a world-class vocal group from the Twin Cities gathered students in the North Central auditorium. In addition to performing, they held several workshops that taught students how to harmonize and blend their voices to create unique sound without accompaniment. They demonstrated “beat box” and taught the creation of percussion sound effects through vocalization. Students were able to learn how to sing in five part harmony and worked on ear training and other various vocal, microphone, and arranging techniques.

It is because of donors like YOU that students have access to experiences like this, and personally, we think that is “some kind of wonderful”.