The SOUL SURVIVOR 50 Years Later

The SOUL SURVIVOR 50 Years Later

Alumni Steve Marra (NCHS ’70), Ray Ohlson (NCHS ’68), Darrell Pike (NCHS ’69) and Kevin Worley (NCHS ’69) participated in an incredible number of activities during their high school years, but it is their time as SOUL SURVIVORS that is bringing them back together on the North Central campus 50 years later!

Flipping through the yearbooks that document their time as Panthers, you will see pictures of these alumni doing everything from running the football field and posing with class council to pinning opponents on the wrestling mat and tearing up the track. It is hard to believe with so many extra-curricular endeavors that they found time to perform together in a band. But perform together they did, an experience they are excited to recreate at this year’s North Central High School Homecoming Tailgate.

After their North Central graduations they took many different paths. Ray graduated from Ball State and went on to run insurance companies all across the globe; eventually starting The Ohlson Group. Kevin became a Registered Nurse living in Colorado and California, then retired in New Mexico. Always the athlete, he also embraced a love of bicycle racing and won 4 National Championships. Darrell went on to graduate from Butler and marry his high school sweetheart Susie Riley (NCHS ’69). He made a career in commercial real estate and eventually opened Pike Real Estate Services. Steve pursued music professionally as a touring musician and recording artist for Capital Records. He attended Film School at UCLA and has worked in the entertainment industry as a writer, producer and editor.

While life experiences have been varied, playing music has been consistent. Steve worked music into his professional endeavors, while the other three made sure to fill a musical outlet outside of office hours. Ray plays part time in a band called “The Duketones”, Kevin performs regularly with his wife Anne in their duo “Worley”, and Darrell plays guitar in the contemporary services at his church.

Individually they have continued to build their musical experiences since their time in SOUL SURVIVOR. Collectively these four are excited to reunite when they perform for the first time back together, Friday September 21st 5-7pm at the North Central Homecoming Tailgate. Join Ray, Kevin, Darrell and Steve when they reunite for this very special performance.