2018 Chairman’s Award and Board Transitions

The Advancement Center accomplishes a lot in any given year. The level of support we provide to Washington Township students and teachers is possible because of volunteer hours provided by our dedicated Board of Directors. As we begin the transition into a new year we take a moment to honor the members, who after many years of service, will be retiring from their current roles.

Susie Bremen– Susie joined the Alumni Association Board in 2008 and over her 10 years of service, she has become the guru in all things scholarships.  Both professionally and personally, her passion is to help students be able to afford, attend and be successful in college.  She has been a staple on the Advancement Center Scholarship and Alumni Committees over the years, and has always been able to provide important insight to the committee and a keen eye to improve the scholarship application process.  We are happy to have Susie continue her service on the Board in an Ex-Officio capacity.

Deirdre George Davis – Deidre joined the Foundation Board in 2012 and immediately took an active role in working in the Grants and BASH Committees.  Over her 6 years of service, she has served on the Grants, BASH and the Communications Committees and was always willing to lend a helpful hand on any committee she was a part of.  We thank Deidre for her service over the past 6 years!

Brian Henry- Brian began his Foundation Board service in 2012, and has been a “Jack of all trades” during his time with The Advancement Center.  Brian has served on the Development, Grants, Governance, Alumni and Executive Committees, and served as Chair of the Communications Committee for two of his six year term.  Brian has always been willing to help in any area needed, and we are so appreciative of that.

Kathy Null- Kathy Null joined the Foundation Board in 2012 and has been a vital member of the BASH committee for all 6 years of her tenure.  Additionally, she served on the Grants Committee for one year, The Advancement Center Finance Committee as Assistant Treasurer for a year, and then as Chair for two years.   We are excited to have Kathy continue on the Board in an Ex-Officio role this next year.

Donna Schmahl- Donna became a Foundation Board member in 2012.  Donna served on the BASH Committee all six years while on the Board, with the last 4 years serving as the Co-Chair.  To say Donna’s leadership has been an asset to The Advancement Center and the BASH committee is an understatement. We are happy that Donna has also agreed to continue to serve on The Advancement Center Board in an Ex-Officio role.

Cathi Wineland- In 2012, Cathi joined the Foundation Board and immediately became a leader in BASH.  She has served on the BASH committee for all 6 years, with the last 4 years serving as the Co-Chair.  In addition to BASH, Cathi served on the Grants Committee, Great North Run Committee and served as the Secretary for the Executive Committee.  We thank Cathi for all the hard work, time and dedication she has given in various leadership roles while on the Board.

Matt Judge – Matt will be retiring from his service in an Ex-Officio capacity. Matt served on the North Central Alumni Association since 2010, serving two terms as vice-president and 2 terms as president.  He was a staple in Alumni Association meetings and was actively involved in various events such as Battle of the Bands, Homecoming and the Hall of Fame.  Matt was also instrumental in the merger of the Alumni Association and Foundation and worked diligently to make the idea a reality.

Alan Dinner – Alan served on the Foundation Board from 2004-2010, and is now retiring as an Ex-Officio Board member, a post which he has held for the past 8 years.  During his entire 14 years on the Board, he has served as a leader on the Grants & Scholarship Committee.  Alan actively worked with teachers to be their advocate and help them secure classroom grants so they can better teach students.  During Alan’s tenure he also served as the Board Secretary, as well as serving several years on the Governance Committee. His passion for Washington Township Schools and North Central High School is infectious and he will truly be missed as he moves to California to be closer to family.

The service of these individuals will be missed. However, we are thrilled to welcome new board members Rebecca Arora, Brian Annakin, Stephanie Schultz, Greg Stowers and Matt Tait. We are lucky to have these individuals joining our organization and we look forward to their participation in advancing the opportunities of students and teachers in Washington Township.

We are also proud to congratulate the 2018 Chairman’s Award recipient Donna Schmahl. Each year, The Chairman’s Award is given to a member of the Board of Directors whose wise counsel and unselfish service furthers the mission of The Advancement Center and Washington Township Schools.

Throughout the years Donna has been dedicated and diligent in her service to Washington Township Schools.  Whether it is her long history of volunteering in various capacities at the school level or providing leadership with Advancement Center events, she always seems to say “Yes” and we, as a community, are better because of it. She has been a consistent champion for teachers and students through her various roles with The Advancement Center and we congratulate her on this prestigious honor.