When a Staple Remover is not Just a Staple Remover…

When a Staple Remover is not Just a Staple Remover…

The sun is shining and summer is in full swing. It feels early to be thinking about school supplies. But if you have ever made a Target run with a teacher you know educators think about school supplies regardless of the season. This is why the Advancement Center funds initiatives in support of Teachers’ Treasures, an organization that obtains and distributes school supplies free to teachers and students in need.

In 2016 the Advancement Center funded a grant to bring mobile outreach units to Nora and Fox Hill Elementary Schools and provide Teachers’ Treasures memberships to all educators in those buildings. That initial investment of $2,500 yielded $45,915 in supplies.

A few weeks ago we saw first-hand our donor dollars at work when the mobile unit came to Nora. We learned on our visit that the experience is quick! A teacher when not teaching does everything quickly, eat, talk, walk … and supply shopping is no exception. If you blink you could miss them as they breezed through the line of supplies on their prep. And while we had the potential to miss them visually, the sounds of their appreciation were more than audible. The cry of excitement over the availability of a staple remover made us realize that what seams ordinary and mundane to us can be extraordinary in a classroom. We learned that sometimes a staple remover is not just a staple remover. It is access to a simple tool that makes one of the thousands of tasks a teacher does in a day easier.

In 2017-2018 we will expand our support of Teachers’ Treasures to all eligible elementary schools in Washington Township. It is our sincere hope that access to this resource will make the lives of our teachers easier and that students will have what they need on hand to be ready to learn. It is because of our donors that Teachers’ Treasures is accessible to our teachers and in turn our students. Your support of the annual fund is what allows us to continue to provide such important opportunities in Washington Township.