2017 North Central Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

2017 North Central Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

We are proud to announce the 2017 inductees to the North Central High School Alumni Hall of Fame. Starting in 1991, North Central has honored esteemed alumni with induction to the Alumni Hall of Fame. Inclusion affords North Central the opportunity to highlight the work and accomplishments of prestigious Panther alumni.

With a pool of alumni that are far-reaching and well-regarded the process of selection can be difficult. A committee comprised of North Central alumni who are current members of the high school faculty convene each year to consider all nominees (you can nominate a alumnus at any point). The ‘Who’s Who’ of North Central alumni will now consist of 106 members, thanks to the two inductees for 2017…

Gail Garinger ‘64

Gail Garinger is a shining example of how to impact a community and leave it a more caring place. She has used her profession and passion to advocate on the behalf of others.

After graduating North Central, Garinger attended Indiana University. During her time at IU she expanded her world view while spending a year studying in Sweden under a Ford Foundation Grant. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree Gail attended Harvard Law School where she earned her J.D. in 1972. In a time when a limited number of women were pursing law degrees, Gail realized the support a group organized to assist women students could have. She co-founded the Women’s Law Association; an association that still exists at Harvard today. This trait of advocacy is one you will find woven throughout Gail’s storied career.

Gail’s positions as an attorney specializing in family and children’s health and welfare, a judge in the Juvenile Courts, and the in-house council for a large children’s hospital have all shaped her compassion and drive to advocate on behalf of children.  When she became a judge Gail was determined to have a different kind of courtroom. She baked cookies for attorneys with young clients who were often hungry and threw cupcake parties when she performed an adoption. In this way she ensured a safe place where everybody was treated with kindness, respect and felt a part of the team.

In 2008 Gail marked her most significant professional achievement when she was appointed as the first Child Advocate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Governor Deval Patrick. Gail’s leadership in this role over the next seven years worked to ensure that every child involved with state agencies in Massachusetts was protected from harm and received quality services.  In September 2015 Gail resigned to become the Chief of the newly-created Child & Youth Protection Unit in the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General.

Patrick O. Patterson, Jr. ‘64

Patrick O. Patterson, Jr. may be known to others as a legal scholar, civil rights lawyer and community advocate; but to his North Central family he will always be known as “Bud”. As a teenager during the rise of the civil rights movement Patrick witnessed first-hand discrimination toward a North Central classmate while together in Cincinnati. This experience shaped Patrick’s story and led to a career focused on civil rights and social justice.

Patrick received a B.A. and then J.D. from Columbia and went on to teach law at both the University of Wisconsin and UCLA.  In 1976 he joined the NAACP Legal Defense Fund as a litigator in New York and went on to co-found and establish a regional office in Los Angeles. Following his time with the NAACP he spent years in private practice focused on civil rights litigation, public interest law, and the representation of social and governmental agencies and small businesses. He is admitted to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court as well as many of the Federal Circuit and Federal District Courts around the nation which accounts for his citations on cases with landmark significance.

Being a respected litigator has offered Patrick an incredible opportunity for impact, but his greatest legal impact might be from the written and spoken word. He has authored and co-authored numerous publications for various law reviews and participated in speaking engagements around the globe.

Patrick served in the Obama administration as Senior Counsel to the Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and as Deputy Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs at the U.S. Department of Labor until January 20, 2017