North Central Sweethearts 2.0

North Central Sweethearts 2.0

Back by popular demand, we take a trip down memory lane with some of North Central High School’s sustaining love stories

This Valentine’s Day, we continue a tradition that started last year by profiling North Central alumni who have withstood the test of time as sweethearts. As we sign our name with hearts and buy roses and chocolate in bulk, what better way to celebrate love than with those couples whose love for each other was kindled through North Central High School?! We know there are hundreds of Panther couples out there, and we heard from many of you in the past 12 months. To those we haven’t reached, we want to know about you! Send an email to the Advancement Center with your NCHS love story.

And, for those of you still happily married after meeting your soul mate back in high school, what better way to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You,’ than with a gift to the place that made your relationship a reality! This Valentine’s Day, would you consider a gift in honor of your time together? Perhaps $1, $5 or $10 for every year you’ve been married! Click Donate Now and give a tribute gift to honor your North Central nuptials, and celebrate your Panther partnership, just like these couples:

Dave ’82 and Ginny (Alig) ’83 Cain
North Central is so large that you could be standing next to the love of your life and never realize it. Back in the early 1980’s that was the case for these two love birds. With a graduating class of roughly 1,100, Dave and Ginny didn’t meet until after high school. In fact, it was after college. Mutual friends from high school organized a group to head to Broad Ripple for a concert at the Vogue (Dr. Bop and the Headliners).
“Someone was late,” Ginny recalls. “That someone was Dave Cain. We met and we both knew something special was happening! We joke that we met at a bar.”
From that point on, the stories of parallel lives brought them even closer together, not to mention an intertwined circle of friends. The Cains were married in June of 1990 and have been together for 26 years since. It wasn’t without some early growing pains, including Dave peeling out of a parking lot on an early date causing Ginny to question the whole thing. But, when it’s right, it’s right. Having a common background certainly helped.
“To us, North Central means great memories of junior spectacular, the theatre, band departments, as well as dear friendships. Great times!”
Today, the couple still resides in Indianapolis, and Ginny has enjoyed a successful career in government, serving for 12 years on the Indianapolis City County Council. and most recently as Regional Director for U.S. Senator Dan Coats. They are proud parents to two children currently in college.

 Chip and Marianne (Grady) Koby ’73
So many North Central couples chuckle at the idea of knowing they would marry their high school sweetheart. Not the Kobys. It was always meant to be.
“When we met at a Jordan YMCA Dance the Saturday night prior to starting 7th grade at Northview, [Chip] told his mother he met the girl he was going to marry,” Marianne recalls.
That was in August of 1967. Fifty years later, 38 of them happily married, the Kobys are still together. So much for awkward middle school dances. Love has conquered everything since then, including four years at North Central and the various hurdles that being a young couple presents. For instance, try taking your first date without the ability to drive.
“It was so long ago, but I think we weren’t driving yet and a friend picked us up and we went back to watch TV at Chip’s house,” Marianne recalls. The driver’s license and car would follow in high school, paving the way for the cherished memories of high school dating. “We used to drive around just talking about everything.”
Today, the couple lives in Carmel and they are still so fond of each other that they started working together, managing a used-car dealership that they started five years ago. Becoming grandparents has also been another milestone in a journey that has spanned 50 years. They have come a long way from that dance at the Y. North Central can be a uniting place.
“We are still good friends with couples that are married to other classmates.”
Like so many others!

Anthony ’96 and Nicole (Edmonds) ’97 Neal
Little did Mr. Gaudreau know when greeting students for Earth Science back in the late 1990’s that chemistry was going to be taking place in his class. That’s where Anthony and Nicole met, a classroom and experience that holds special meaning to them to this day. What started as a friendship quickly blossomed into a relationship, and the Neals will be celebrating 22 years together this March, including 17 as husband and wife. It all started with an innocent date at Dairy Queen. Almost every Friday would consist of a movie and dinner, one the couple’s fondest North Central memories.
While they both admit that neither thought they would marry a high school sweetheart, North Central runs in the family. Both are second generation Panthers, with Nicole’s parents both graduating in 1978.
“We believe in all things Panther!” Nicole said with pride. “I have aunts and uncles and a multitude of family from this sound foundation! To us, North Central means family and foundation.”
Today, the couple still resides in Washington Township. Nicole works as a claims adjustor for Liberty Mutual, while Anthony owns several small businesses, including Neal Tire and Repair. The family tradition has also continued, with their son graduating from North Central this past spring, and a daughter just beginning her North Central journey. For the Neals, North Central certainly runs in the family.