Advancement Center Ranked #1 K-12 Foundation in Division

Advancement Center Ranked #1 K-12 Foundation in Division

Study by Caruthers Institute ranked the Advancement Center against 84 of its peers, based on eight performance categories.

We measure our success on the impact we provide our teachers and students. Sometimes, however, it is good to have a broad perspective on that impact. We are happy to report that the work of the Advancement Center is being recognized nationwide!

In a recent study conducted by the Caruthers Institute, a nonpartisan think tank that conducts research, crafts solutions, and leads to advocacy to inform data-driven decision-making on emerging youth issues, 188 K-12 foundations around the country were analyzed. From those 188 organizations, each was classified in one of four divisions based on total revenue. For The Advancement Center for Washington Township Schools and North Central Alumni, that was Division 4, for foundations with $500,000 or less in total revenues. (Data was taken from 2014 tax filings)

The institute looked at the following eight performance categories to measure success:

  1. Total Revenues
  2. Revenues per Student
  3. Total Assets
  4. Assets per Student
  5. Grant and Program Expenses
  6. Grant and Program Expenses per Student
  7. Investment Income
  8. Volunteers

Given the relatively small size of our student population relative to our peers, the amount of money invested in each student gave us high marks. Amongst the 84 schools in our division, the Advancement Center was ranked Number One. The previous year, we were not ranked. Given our recent milestones in both restricted and unrestricted giving, we anticipate being measured against Division 3 foundations in the next study.

You can read the full report on the Caruthers Institute website or contact our office to understand what this means for Washington Township and how it compares to other organizations around the country. We are proud of this distinction but recognize the incredible growth potential that still exists. Together, we can increase the positive impact on our classrooms!