2016-17 Donors Choose Recap

2016-17 Donors Choose Recap

Gone in a flash, how $20,000 in matching funds brought 84 projects to life across Washington Township

To say we were overwhelmed would be an understatement. The choice to partner with DonorsChoose.org has become one of the best investments in our classrooms. This year, we provided $20,000 in matching funds for teachers in the district to better the lives of their students. Those dollars helped to match every gift given to their projects. It meant teachers had to Crowdfund only half of their need. Projects were funded in half the time.

They were funded faster than we ever imagined. By the beginning of second semester, our matching funds were exhausted! What does that mean? There are countless projects that need support, and we are only scratching the surface of what can be done to provide better educational environments for our students. It also means that Donors Choose is only going to get stronger.

I am so blessed, to be able to continue to provide my students, with a high quality education, due to the generosity of people like you. There are many things that they learn, that don’t involve ABC’s and 123’s, and that is what they will get with this project.
– Mrs. Miller, Hilltop

You can read about all of the funded projects by visiting our Campaign Page and scrolling through the testimonials and results. The basic details in the end:

  • 84 Projects Fully Funded
  • 12 Schools Benefited Throughout Washington Township
  • 62 Teachers Supported
  • 17,177 Student Impacts

Our hope is to expand this matching campaign in future years and find ways to spread the impact throughout the school year. Thank you to the teachers who took time to submit requests and thank you to the hundreds of donors who supported those teachers’ needs.

Our ability to grow this matching program depends largely on the amount of Annual Fund donations we receive each year. The more we raise, the more we can give out. Please consider a gift to the Annual Fund today.