Why We’re Here – 2016 Fall Grant Recipients

The first of two grant cycles in the 2016-17 school year awarded over $67,000 throughout Washington Township

Proud grant recipients from Greenbriar Elementary
Proud grant recipients from Greenbriar Elementary

It’s safe to say that the two most important days of our year are when teachers come together to celebrate their grants. To see the impact that our donors’ dollars have throughout Washington Township is amazing. On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, over 30 proud grant recipients gathered to be recognized for the work that will impact the district. After a record-setting 46 applications were submitted, 36 grants were awarded during the fall cycle. The breakdown:

  • $67,125 awarded
  • Over 34,000 student and 1,200 teacher impacts
  • $2.5 million given in classroom grants all time
  • $900,000 in professional development awards all time
  • Now over $5.8 million in Washington Township giving since 1985

The overwhelming narrative from the stories shared during the reception was that of need and gratitude. From stress relievers for fidgety students, to calculators for those who can’t afford them at North Central, every aspect of education and age of student was covered. Ten of the district’s 11 schools received some sort of grant support this cycle.

And while 20 of the 36 grants were only partially funded, any investment was welcomed. For a complete listing of all grants awarded, visit our Grant History page. You can also read about so many of our wonderful grants, like our support of the Mock Trial program at North Central, by scrolling through our grant slider.

Grant fulfillment this cycle was just 51 percent. While there will never be 100 percent fulfillment (some grants don’t meet the standard), our committee has to get creative with the accounting. There are many grants that can’t be awarded in full simply because we don’t have the dollars. Help us shrink the gap by becoming a donor to our Annual Fund. One chat with any of our deserving teachers will show you how worthwhile of an investment it is.

Grant recipients from Nora Elementary