Coming Home

Coming Home

North Central pride is real. It goes beyond student years. To steal a term used too often, it has a culture. Opportunity. Diversity. Education. Real. All of those words are echoed by alumni coast to coast. Families want to move to Washington Township. Many others want to make sure they stay in Washington Township. It is now possible to have three generations in one family all hold a North Central degree!

The true success of any school district goes beyond the test scores and the career placement. The success is measured by the investment of its people, both now and in the future. You don’t have to go far to measure that investment than by looking at the list of North Central graduates who work in Washington Township. It is an incredible list of young and old, who saw something great when they were students and knew they had to stay a part of it. Help us celebrate all things North Central and Washington Township this week by recognizing those alumni who continue to make Washington Township what it is today!

Not only do we have over 100 alumni working in the district, they are our most loyal donors. Alumni working in the district give back at a rate of nearly 50%! Not only do they believe in it, they invest in it. Do the same with us and help keep North Central and Washington Township strong with a gift to our Annual Fund.

“I told my placement supervisor that I wouldn’t student teach anywhere else but in Washington Township—she made it happen! 15 years later, I can’t think of a more AMAZING place to work!! My husband is now an employee and my son is now attending MSDWT as a student because of the INCREDIBLE experiences my husband and I both had when we were students here.”
Kristen (Baumgartner) Poindexter ’96, Spring Mill Elementary
“The biggest lesson I learned by attending MSDWT, and now as a teacher, is the importance of diversity and the acceptance of others. The opportunities that were offered to me as a student, and continue to be offered to my son and students, is what keeps me in education and this district. I am forever true to this district!”
– Jill (Metzger) Miller ’91, Allisonville Elementary
“NC is the best high school in the state and my experience there was beyond positive and prepared me for life in the real world. My time in Washington Township absolutely influenced my decision to return to work here. MSDWT is home and the people are my family. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!”
– Josh Bolles ’05, Crooked Creek Elementary
“I was excited to be back at NC because I did have a good experience here and enjoyed the environment at NC. Even though it was a big school there were so many ways for students to be involved I felt like every one who wanted to belong somewhere could. I knew I would feel at home starting a job at NC.”
– Heidi Hoopingarner ’99, North Central High School
Terry (Harsin) Anderson ’70, Nora
Mary Jane (Darmer) Baksa ’76, Westlane
Megan (Blackwell) Behny ’97, Spring Mill
Shelley (Young) Boeglin ’79, North Central
Josh Bolles ’05, Crooked Creek
Shannon (Black) Bonds ’88, Transportation
Susie (Bohard) Bremen ’70, North Central
Andrew Brinkman ’98, North Central
Craig Brinkman ’02, Spring Mill
Desiree’ (Mahone) Brooks ’94, Fox Hill
Kathy (Klausmeier) Brown ’80, John Strange
Jasmin (Jordan) Burch ’90, Northview
Julia Burton ’10, North Central
Charles Cameron ’11, Northview
Patty (Emmelman) Camp ’74, CEC
Barb (Bennett) Catanzarite ’68, John Strange
Kathy (Koon) Chase ’85, John Strange
Joseph Cheeseborough ’84, North Central
Kelly Clarkson ’07, Westlane
Leslie Decker ’92, North Central
Margaret Depoy ’06, North Central
Easton Dickerson ’03, North Central
Rachel Dines ’03, Greenbriar
Shirley Duren ’80, Transportation
Michael Dwyer ’90, North Central
Michael Elliott ’92, North Central
Eddie Erickson ’03, JELCC
Nigel Foreman ’78, SPED
Spencer Fort ’06, North Central
Kari (Hawthorne) Fritz ’89, North Central
Caitlin Gadus ’05, Fox Hill
Linda (Henderson) Gibboney ’71, Northview
Emily (Winter) Giegerich ’01, Nora
Ashley Gilchrist ’10, Nora
Adam Goodman ’92, Westlane
Kim (Lee) Gordon ’90, North Central
Amy (Bond) Griffith ’74, Transportation
Laura (Huff) Guntz ’89, North Central
Will Haskett ’99, Advancement Center
Crystal (Haynes) Haslett ’92, CEC
Joi Hogue ’02, Transportation
Emily Hollingsworth ’04, Fox Hill
Heidi Hoopingarner ’99, North Central
Jenny (Williams) Hoover ’81, North Central
Jessica Howard ’08, North Central
Tammera (Gray) Hughey ’85, Transportation
Amber (Vickery) Jackson ’01, Hilltop
Mary Jordan ’83, Westlane
Nichole Kelley ’91, North Central
Vera Kirch ’78, North Central
Kaitlin Kirles ’06, Crooked Creek
Leslie (Weedman) Kotyuk ’76, North Central
Courtney Krause ’13, North Central
Danielle (Wells) Kyles ’09, Transportation
Elizabeth (Feezle) Lehman ’01, Crooked Creek
Laura Mail ’04, North Central
Brittany Marrs ’02, Transportation
Jessica (Barnes) Mayorga ’99, John Strange
Kristi (Hand) Meinert ’85, North Central
Becky Miller ’74, Fox Hill
Sara Miller ’09, John Strange
Erin (Shelbourne) Miller ’96, Northview
Laura Miller ’09, Eastwood
Jill (Metzger) Miller ’91, Allisonville
Jeremy Moore ’93, North Central
Christian Munoz ’06, North Central
Joe Neberieza ’06, North Central
Andy Noble ’97, North Central
Jill (Sandler) Ofengender ’78, Greenbriar
April (Thruston) Oldham ’75, Allisonville
Tracy Oliver ’96, True North
Katy (Karrmann) Palomino ’98, North Central
Gioia Partee ’99, Nora
Brenda Penaloza ’14, North Central
Morgan Phillips ’02, Spring Mill
James Plane ’81, North Central
Kristen (Baumgartner) Poindexter ’96, Spring Mill
Michael Poindexter ’97, North Central
Jasmine Porter ’06, John Strange
Sienne Ransom ’06, Fox Hill
Josh Richmond ’95, Northview
Michelle (Klinker) Riggers ’91, North Central
Erin Scott ’07, Spring Mill
David Sears ’04, Nora
Aaron Shelby ’89, North Central
Beth (Diehl) Shelby ’92, Nora
Debbie (Hutson) Shively ’74, Eastwood
Patrick Staubach ’93, Spring Mill
Jennifer (Flanagan) Swan ’84, District
Jennifer Switalski ’02, Spring Mill
Mark Tarowsky ’91, John Strange
Linda (Wesley) Tarver ’73, Greenbriar
Tyler Thiems ’05, Northview
Jennifer (Kent) Thompson ’88, John Strange
Lashonda Tillis ’95, Eastwood
Beth (Billings) Tridle ’65, Nora
Kyle Trost ’95, Northview
Kristen Vannatta ’93, Crooked Creek
Elise (Jackson) Vestal ’92, CEC
Stacey Walston ’97, JELCC
Charlotte (Carr) Watson ’70, CEC
Kimberly White ’95, Spring Mill
Nick Wilson ’04, North Central
Ally Wilson ’10, North Central
Leslie (Carey) Wilson ’73, North Central
LuTisha Wilson ’94, Transportation
Brieanne Yates ’03, Transportation

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