Help Nora Run

Help Nora RunSome sports require a great deal of equipment that can make participation a costly endeavor for parents. But the most fundamental sport of all is running. All children should have the opportunity to run, and compete while doing it. That was the plea of Marcus Dalton, a physical education teacher at Nora Elementary School. When all seven Washington Township elementary schools had come together in the past for the annual 5th Grade Track & Field Event, Dalton had witnessed his students running in flip flops, or competing in rough and ripped clothing. Not having proper footwear or uniforms affected both performance and pride.

With the help of a $500 grant from the Advancement Center and support of various community partners, Dalton was able to provide shirts, shorts and socks for every participant from Nora. There was even a donation of shoes from local volunteers. The result? Winners and lots of smiles!

“From moment our students received their shirts, shorts, and socks they couldn’t wipe the smiles off of their faces,” Dalton said. I could see the team morale instantly improve, and the confidence in their eyes was easy to see. They looked and acted like a team, and they were proud to represent their school.”

The benefit from the newfound ability (not to mention style) on the track carried on far beyond the meet itself.

“I witnessed them interacting with students from other schools, asking questions to teachers from other schools, and demonstrating sportsmanship for the duration of the day,” Dalton added. “Most importantly, it helped them build a memory I hope they remember forever.”

The shorts will be reused for future classes and competitions at Nora, with the momentum from this even greater motivation to get more students involved and excited to compete within the Washington Township family.

While this grant was only partially funded, we would like to do more. Please consider giving to our Annual Fund (click ‘General’ when making your gift) to help make sure we can give our students all the opportunities they deserve.