Teachers’ Treasures and Washington Township

What if we told you that your home will increase in value six-fold this year? Or that your retirement nest egg would grow by 600% between now and this time next year? You’d probably say, ‘that’s not possible!’ Well, there is one type of investment that is providing that type of return, and its impacting more teachers in Washington Township than ever before.

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Fox Hill teachers go shopping during the mobile unit visit to the school

This past year, the Advancement Center funded a grant to bring Teachers’ Treasures directly to Washington Township. Founded in 2000, the organization obtains and distributes school supplies free to teachers of students in need. With a volunteer-run “store” on Indianapolis’ near east side, the access for teachers in the district was left up to the individual, who needed to pay the $25 membership fee to take advantage. This year, thanks to $2,800 from the district, a mobile unit was dispatched to both Nora and Fox Hill Elementary Schools, giving every teacher access.

In total, 90 teachers got the chance to shop. They “bought” $18,951 worth of product, with over 4,300 items distributed to those teachers. That’s nearly $19,000 of improvement to our classrooms, to our students and to learning. All for less than a $3,000 investment. That’s a ROI of 576%!! Even Wall Street would be jealous.

It doesn’t end there. Every single teacher at those two schools now has their own individual membership in Teachers’ Treasures for 2016-17. They join a growing list of teachers in the district reaping the benefit of the growing non-profit. Teachers like Deb Perry at Greenbriar Elementary. For her music classroom, she turned 15 trips to Teachers’ Treasures into $7,039 worth of product, or $282 worth of supplies for every dollar spent from her $25 membership fee. Mrs. Perry is the Teachers’ Treasures liaison to Greenbriar, where several other teachers have obtained thousands of dollars worth of product to enhance the learning environment in their classrooms.

With a majority of Washington Township Schools qualifying for membership, the chance to give our students a more enriching classroom experience, complete with all of the supplies they need, is something we can’t ignore moving forward. That’s why, starting in 2016-17, every new teacher to the district will get a one-year membership, funded by the Advancement Center. That’s 86 teachers who get a head start in making a difference in Washington Township. It’s the least we can do to give teachers a greater opportunity to succeed with their new classrooms, while providing a long-term opportunity to continue as a Teachers’ Treasures member.

Giving every new teacher a membership this year took a financial investment that we want to make bigger. What if every teacher in the district could be given the same gift? That happens thanks to gifts from you! Please consider donating to our Annual Fund today. Sponsor a teacher by giving $25. Or, sponsor a department by giving $250!

New teachers in Washington Township for 2016-17 get their first experience shopping at Teachers' Treasures!
New teachers in Washington Township for 2016-17 get their first experience shopping at Teachers’ Treasures!