North Central Sweethearts

North Central Sweethearts

This Valentine’s Day, what better way to celebrate love than with those couples whose love for each other was kindled through North Central High School?! We know there are hundreds of Panther couples out there. We want to know about you! Send an email to the Advancement Center with your NCHS love story.

And, for those of you still happily married after meeting your soul mate back in high school, what better way to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You,’ than with a gift to the place that made your relationship a reality! This Valentine’s Day, would you consider a gift in honor of your time together? Perhaps $1, $5 or $10 for every year you’ve been married! Click Donate Now and give a tribute gift to honor your North Central nuptials, and celebrate your Panther partnership, just like these couples:

Jane and Steve NullSteve and Jane (Langdon) Null ’86
Married for 21 years, the Null’s relationship blossomed as co-writers of their Junior Spectacular act, “Buccaneer Bravado,” and they became inseparable after that. The first date? A picnic at Jane’s family farm in Noblesville. It wasn’t a direct march to the alter from there, though. Like many high school couples, the Nulls would break up prior to college, but then were reunited through freshmen orientation at Indiana University. They dated on-and-off through college, and would spend two years apart after graduation before reconnecting in Chicago and staying together ever since!
“My favorite high school dating memory is Junior prom at the Indianapolis Athletic Club (where we also ended up having our wedding reception),” Jane recalls. “We double-dated with another couple, Katie Browning and Eric Newman, who also got married and are two of our closest friends to this day, which speaks to what North Central has meant to us. We continue to live in the Indianapolis area and have many wonderful friends from North Central with whom we keep in touch.
“The bonds that are formed in high school go very deep, and last a lifetime. For me, what makes the bonds so special is that you get to know your friends’ parents and siblings, which doesn’t happen when you meet someone later in life. It is hard to replicate in your adult life the same bonds of friendship that are formed in high school.”
The Nulls currently reside in Carmel and have three children.

Doug and Judy KniptashDoug and Judy (Allen) Kniptash ’70
Classmates are never surprised to learn that the king and queen would eventually get married, but for the Doug and Judy Kniptash, being together has always been their reality. Married for 41 years, their story is even more than a North Central romance, counting their first date all the way back in the 7th grade, attending a Northview Middle School wrestling meet! The athletic connection continued through high school, where Doug played sports and Judy was a cheerleader. To this day, some of their fondest memories together were the times spent during and after sporting events.
The couple now reside and work in Carmel, and are the proud parents to three children, with six grandchildren. In a somewhat poetic full circle, all three of the Kniptash’s children married a high school sweetheart, and each family resides within five minutes of Doug and Judy. To say family is important to the Kniptash clan would be an understatement.
“To us, North Central represents a time full of good experiences with many great memories we continue to build upon to this day,” they shared. “And we believe our high school education provided a solid foundation of knowledge that has served us well.”

Nick and Kitty HamNick and Kitty (Woo) Ham ’99
Having just celebrated their 10-year anniversary, Nick and Kitty Ham may have only been married for a decade, but their relationship began to blossom nearly 20 years ago thanks to North Central. They both will admit the first date (going to see the movie “Con Air”) won’t be the most romantic one for sharing with the grandkids some day, but it marked the start of their journey!
That journey kept them together through college and then on to Austin, Texas, where Nick has worked as a software engineer for IBM for the past 13 years, and Kitty went on to receive her Masters in Nursing and works as a nurse practitioner. Beyond two demanding jobs, they somehow muster the energy to chase their two young daughters around the house and the town.
“North Central will always hold a special place in our hearts being the place where we met each other in (Mrs. Muterspaw’s biology class freshman year), where we became good friends, started dating, and have been together ever since.”