David Carter (Class of 1982)

David Carter (Class of 1982)

David Carter fell in love with the outdoors when he was a young boy. Growing up in the family’s lumber business afforded him the opportunity to be outside in some of the most majestic spots around the country and the world. He climbed his first mountain when he was just a teenager and that would lead him on a journey that would see him summit some of the most dangerous mountains around the world.

Carter’s first trek up Mount Everest came in 1991. He was injured in the process and never reached the summit, fueling his desire to return again in 1997. More prepared, the expedition was filmed for a PBS documentary for NOVA called “Everest – The Death Zone,” when Carter nearly perished due to altitude sickness and an upper respiratory infection. That climb made it to the top, and forever changed Carter’s life, but it was a group he led in April of 2015 that changed the course of his future.

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region on April 25, 2015, Carter and some friends were nearing Everest base camp. They are fortunate that they were not all the way there, as more than 20 people lost their lives at base camp, not to mention the thousands killed throughout Nepal. The destruction was absolute and widespread throughout the region. Carter, who still serves as president of Carter-Lee ProBuild, turned his strong philanthropic work (he has been a strong and vocal supporter of the International Baccalaureate program in Washington Township through the Advancement Center) into helping the people of Nepal, who he had come to respect and love. He has raised tens-of-thousands of dollars that are used to directly help the people of Nepal rebuild.

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David Carter

Remnants of a home after the Nepal earthquake in April of 2015