Thank a Teacher…
or any coach, bus driver, school secretary, counselor, administrator…
With a minimum $10 donation, a special card, including a gift of a notepad, will be your special way of saying thank you to anyone who has made your child’s school year extraordinary. Their name will also be listed in the Advancement Center Annual Report as receiving this honor. Thank-a-Teacher gifts are accepted throughout the year, but are especially appropriate at the holiday season and in the spring at the close of the school year.

To donate online on our secure giving page, click the ‘Give Now’ button above. Under Fund, choose “Designated” in the drop down menu. In the box below, specify THANK-A-TEACHER, and include the name of your student(s), your teacher(s) or other staff member(s) and special message(s).

Honorees for the 2015-16 School Year

Jenny Abell
Erica Adams
Emily Alaimo
Tony Armstrong
Trice Black
Lisa Blanton
Shelley Boeglin
Carol Bolles
Sam Bradford
E. Bryant Branigan
Andrew Braxton
Susie Bremen
Andy Brinkman
Rachel Briscoe
Aixa Brockington
Brittany Brown
Kathy K. Brown
Dan Brunette
Brian Camp
Patty Camp
John Campbell
Sherri Campbell
Rachel Carlisle
Emily Carson
Kip Carter
Megan Casey
Sabrina Cepela
Joyce Click
Yosef Cohen
Whitney Constant
Laurie Cowan-Turner
Lucia Darling
Leslie Decker
Sylvia Denise
Tony Dzwonar
Angela Eberhardt
Crooked Creek Elementary School
David Elian
Dan Fariss
John Feeney
Lori Feliciano
Annemarie Fessler
Melissa Fitch
Kali Flores
Spencer Fort
Krista Freese
Kari Fritz
Michael Frucci
Grant Gaunt
Robert Geile
Jean Gentry
Craig Ghormley
Susan Gilchrist
Jamie Giordano
Joe Giordano

Rick Granlund
William Gulde
LeAnn Haggard
Stacie Hamilton
Amanda Hassen
Nechelle H. Jones
Steve Herman
Jay Hill
Leo Hodes
Stephanie Hodge
Andy Hodson
Emily Hodson
Kathy Hogan
Ed Hruskocy
Joanne Hughes
Stacey Hutte
Corinne Imboden
Jason Jackson
Sherry Jackson
Susan James
Holly Jarrett
Tamu Johnson
Hitomi Kameyama
Don Kite
Nicole Kosik
Tim Kuskye
Roya Laghaie
Mike Lamirand
Robin Lamkin
Linda Lawrence
Skye Leasure
Shelbie Leatherman
Olivia Lindley
Mary Lowe
Lisa Luedeman
Mary Malinka
Barbara Marsh
Rhonda Martin
Allegra Mather
Kim Matsuoka
Holly May
Julie McCabe
Megan McCoy
Ashley McCreary
Rachel McWaters
Kristi Meinert
Kellee Merritt
Andy Middleton
Ann Midkiff
Jodi Miller
Tonya Mitchell
Robert Mobley
Synthia Mulcahy
Tomoe Nakamura
Deanna Nibarger

North Central High School Staff
Margee O’Connor
Traci Odle
Jill Ofengender
Ann Olvey
Kelly Ouattara
Keana Parquet
Jenny Pfeiffer
Kristen Poindexter
Mike Pomerenke
Bruce Quilling
David Raes
Crystal Ransom
Michael Raunick
Kim Reeves
Amy Resler
Dawn Richardson
Josh Richmond
Amy Ruschak
Ryan Scanlon
Shawn Schlepp
Erin Scott
Dana Seaton
Nathan Sewell
Jeannine Shelton
Jocelyn Sisson
Vicky Smith
Wanda Spann Roddy
Pat Staubach
Mary Sukup
James Tallman
Mark Tarowsky
Catherine Taylor
Sean Taylor
Hilltop Teachers
Tyler Thiems
Diane Thompson
Joyce Trost
Bill Turner
Kristen Vannatta
Chris Vermilion
Paige Vinson
Camille Wallace
Amber Walters
Sonya Weber
Tammy Wente
Stefanie Wettersten
Cheryl Williams
Courtney Williams
Nicole Wolf
Nikki Woodson
Joanna Yarbrough
Susan Yerkes-Bender
Pam Zwickel