Giving back over $5.7 million to Washington Township can’t be done without the loyal support of thousands of donors annually. Gifts of $250 or more earn recognition in the Superintendent’s Circle. Starting in 2016-17, gifts of $1,000 or more to our Annual Fund earn exclusive membership in the 1955 Society. Thank you to all of our 2015-16 Donors!

*Any donor listed in bold gave to our Annual Fund at the Superintendent’s Circle and above

MASTERS LEVEL (Donations of $10,000 & Up)

Allisonville Elementary School PTO
American Funds/Capital Groups Companies
Anonymous Donor
CSO Architects
Dave and Marta Carter
Ryan and Kelli Jane Cronk
Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation
The Skillman Corporation

GRADUATE LEVEL (Donations of $5,000 – $9,999)
Bose McKinney and Evans
Paul and Liz Calkins
Jerry and Carol Collins
Terry and Kris Cudahy
DJ Angus Scientech Educational Foundation, Inc.
Tony and Jennifer Dzwonar
Scott A. Jones Foundation, Inc.
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Steve and Jane Pratt
TF Publishing
Teachers Credit Union
Thomas Whittaker and Ann Zerr
SENIOR LEVEL ($2,500 – $4,999)
John and Diane Abrams
Matt Blossom
Rob Caito and Dena Rae Hancock
Central Security and Communications
Dwight and Ann Chernish
Alan and Anne Dinner
Flaherty and Collins
Charlie and Lori Grandy
Michael L. Herman
Needham R. Hurst
Ice Miller LLP
Jim and Christy Jacobi
Krieg DeVault LLP
Denise K. LaRue
Jim and Sara Lootens
Mike and Sarah Manion
Gregg S. Newmark
Old National Insurance
Andrew Pike
Jim and Leigh Purcell
John and Susie Ross
Dick and Jamie Schulte
Amber Walters
Warnecke Investment Group, Inc.
Nikki Woodson
Colleen S. Yunker
JUNIOR LEVEL ($1,000 – $2,499)
Kent and Carolyn Agness
Greg and Sally Akers
John and Karri Alberti
American International Group
Dave and Bobbie Blachly
Lynn Boatman
Justin and Claire Bolles
Dawn Boys-Sibley
William Broderick
Kort Builders
Mark Burton
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Shawn M. Collinsworth
Cunningham Restaurant Group
Denison Parking, Inc.
Mark Dinwiddie
The Dow Chemical Foundation
David Durm
Vera Evans
William T. Farkas
Pamela Fortune-Werbe
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Tim and Amy George
Gerd Griffith
Perry and Michelle Griffith
William C. Griffith, III
Grueninger Travel Group/Ambassadair
Ted and Amy Hudnut
Jim and Cynthia Hunter
Indiana Council of Teachers of Math
Indiana University
Indiana University Health
J.Everett Light Career Center
Bob and Judith James
Matt and Emily Kaiser
Key Bank
Don and Grace Kite
Marc and Pam Klein
Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.
Larry and Beth Lammers
Charles (Chuck) Lawrance
Lynn Lawrance
Mark and Jan Lawrance
Linda Lawrence
Louis and Leigh Lazaron
Jim and Sharon McCarthy
Meijer, Inc.
Jim and Ginny Mervilde
Frank Messina and Robin Reagan
Meyer Najem Corporation
R. T. Moore Co., Inc.
North Central Kiwanis Club
North Mechanical Services, Inc.
John and Kathy Null
Matt Orme
Chad and Jennifer Patsel
Bill and Heather Pitcock
Ralph and Hope Power
Probuild Company LLC
Louis M. Profeta MD
Purdue University
CE Quandt
Mike and Mary Rice
Ring Construction
Andy and Joanna Russell
Ryan Fireprotection
Jim and Laura Schellinger
Jeff and Donna Schmahl
Jeff and Cassandra Short
Jeen Jager and Michelle Shwery
Summers of Broad Ripple, Inc.
Daniel and Brenda Sweeney
Bill and Laurie Turner
Union Chapel United Methodist Church
Hugh K. Warren
Whitlock Painting Inc.
Rob and Cathi Wineland
David M. Young
Daryle and Suzanne Zybert
SOPHOMORE LEVEL ($500 – $999)
Justin and Melanie Armstrong

Gaurav and Rebecca Arora
Tricia J Banta
Tim Blom
Dan and Val Boots
Scott and Lana Boswell
Bryant and Heather Branigan
Susie W. Bremen
Gordon and Celia Bruder
BSN Sports
Karole Butz
Dr. Lou and Linda Cantor
Marie Anne Chorpenning
Church, Church, Hittle and Antrim
Co-Alliance LLP
Kurt Cohen
Gershom and Deirdre George Davis
Kara D. DeArman
Kimberly Dickerson
The District Tap
Rick and Maureen Marshall-Doss
Ellison Electric
First American Title Insurance Company
Norm and Adrienne Fogle
Kari L. Fritz
David and Linda Given
Bill and Ginny Hacker
Will and Mandy Haskett
Jennifer L. Hedge
Brian and Sheila Henry
Jay and Lisa Hill
Jennifer L. Hill
Hillyard Indiana
Hittle Landscaping
Michael and Liane Hulka
ICC Business Products Inc.
Indianapolis Indians
Indianapolis Washington Township Lions Club
Indy Sports and Entertainment
Ivy Tech Community College
The Johnson Company
Paul and Amy Johnson
Koorsen Fire and Security
Jill Kropa
Gerard and Michelle Lanosga
Scott Larrimer and Erin Day
E.R. (Sandy) and Kathleen Levine
Greg Lineweaver
Rob and Denise Louden
Daniel and Suzette Mathis
Michael and Margy McCormick
Mac and Sarah McNaught
Matt McNew and Christina Bennett-McNew
Jim and Lynda McQuiston
Andy and Leslie Middleton
Thomas Mote
Sherri Moyer
Jim and Susan Naus
Bill and Carrie Neal
Tom and Allison Oestreich
Lara Pastore
John and Becky Peterson
Jared and Kimberly Piper
Rogue Indy Pirates Reserve LTD
Steve and Jennifer Sanner
Ralph and Julie Shohet
Richard W. (Rick) Slocum
Kip and Robin Tew
Jennifer L. Tiplick
Amy Traub
Chris and Traci Vermilion
James H. Voyles, Jr.
Greg and Betsy Wallis
Paul and Maria Weber
Terry and Pam Weiger
Steve Wintermeyer and Ginat Wintermeyer Mirowski
Chris and Carrie Wood
Woodley Farra Manion Portfolio Management, Inc.
FRESHMAN LEVEL ($250 – $499)
Adobe Systems Inc.

Jamie S. Alexander
Donald C. Arbogast Jr.
Cynthia Grillo Arnold
Tony and Tiffany Armstrong
Adnan Arseven
Nathan and Mary Beth Baker
Michael and Mary Ellen Ball
Mary Kay Banner
Alex and Allison Bantz
Jim and Cindy Barkley
John R. Barney
John A. Bartenbach
Brenda Batten
Kelli Baumgarn
Erica Beard
James Bell
Randy and Betsy Biederstedt
Jonathan and Judy Birge
Carl S. Blythe, Jr.
Josh Bolles
Eric and Julie Botts
Ned and Julie Breedlove
Desiree Brooks
Ben and Missy Brown
Brittney Brown
Beau Brunnemer
James and Jennifer Buddenbaum
Jasmin L. Burch
Maureen Butz-Obenchain
Mike and Patty Camp
Dawn Carey
Tony and Lezlie Ceglio
William and Karen Christensen
Gary Clevenger
Steven and Joyce Click
William T. Coffey
Steve and Sarah Combs
Jane Cooney
Eric and Nicole Cooper
Brent and Andrea Cox
C. Russell and Mary Lou Cox
Ken Cox
Mike and Pat Cracraft
Annie Cudahy
Emma Elizabeth Cudahy
Mary R. Cunningham
Rhonda Darring
Anthony Dean
Delta Dental of Indiana
Kimberly DeMasie
Blaine and Dawn Dinwiddie
Diversified Mail Services Inc.
Matthew Doss
Caroline Gleason Dutkanych
Eastwood Middle School PTO
Andy Elkins
Elements Therapeutic Massage
Joe and Marcia Erne
Sara Eynon
Fernando and Marcia Falcon
Bill and Kathy Farrington
John Ferringer
Keith and Annemarie Fessler
Mark and Paula Finch
Edward and Laurie Freeman
Hilary Freeman
Michael and Pam Freese
Fred and Katherine Fultz
Nick Furiak
Sabra Gage
Greg and Jane Geller
Lindsey Gemmer
Girl Scouts Troop #2117
Will and Alicia Gooden
Robert L. Gordon
Gregory and Mary Lou Gramelspacher
Mark and Judi Green
Julie Grissom
Bill and Phyllis Groth
John and Ann Guggenheim
Bill Gulde
Larry and LeAnn Haggard
Anne Hair
Thomas and Laura Hakim
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Craig and Lisa Hammond
Bo Ning Han
DeMarcus B. Hazelwood
Jonathan and Jody Hess
Andy and Emily Hodson
Mary Ann Holand
Kyle and Aja Huerkamp
Julie Hunt
Dwayne and Amy Isaacs
Mark and Jodi Isenberg
Bob and Amy Johnson
David and Mimi Jose
Julie A. Sambol Memorial Fund
Just Pop In!
Emma Kempf
Ayanna King
Charley and Carrie Kirk
Joel D. Kirsh
Lori Kixmiller
Carol Konkle-Sundheimer
Korea Taekwondo Academy, Inc.
Scott and Amy Kosnoff
Kevin and Kendall Kreinhagen
Jere and Tracey Horth Krueger
Sam and Kim Laurin
Jason and Sharlee Little
Paul and Kathy Loggan
Mary Fran Lotfalian
Mary Lowe
Jeff and Stacy Lozer
Ryan E. Malone
Melissa Blessing Martin
Jeff Mason
Ashley McAllister
Melissa M. McGraw
Brandon and Megan McLarty
Andy and Cid McNeilly
Ryan and Natasha Mikus
J. Stuart Mill
Jon and Tamara Milleman
Darin Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Mark “Doc” Miller
Ashley Monroe
Terry and Lew Mumford
National Insurance Services
Seth and Monica Nicholas
North Central High School PTO
Northview Middle School PTO
Julia E Osburn
Linka Pace
Jeff and Kris Parmelee
Keana Parquet
Jason and Tracey Patterson
Chelsea Peresie
Jenny Pfeiffer
John and Cheryl Plunkett
Mike and Kristen Poindexter
Mike and Kim Pomerenke
Joe and Karen Porter
Derek and Lori Price
Michael and Cara Berg Raunick
Tom and Bobbie Recktenwall
Tom and Marsha Reynolds
Stu Rhodes
Matthew Riley
Jeffrey and Sandi Roberts
Matt and Marci Robinson
Traci L. Rodgers
Scott and Ellen Rogers
Carla Sanford
Blake and Lori Schlabach
Lee and Martha Schrader
Anne Scott
Sean and Shawn Scott
Cathy Shafer
Aaron L. Shelby
Allyson Smith
Bradley and Victoria Smith
Jim Smith and Nora Doherty
Michael and Julie Smith
Phil and Katy Smith
Kandy Smitha
Michael and Karen Smollen
Richard and Gretchen Spaulding
Steel House
Dave and Ann Sternberg
Jack and Kimberly Swarbrick
Sean and Megan Taylor
Bruce and Patti Tehan
Byron and Carol Tetrick
Matthew and Shannon Thompson
Hal and Kathy Thurston
Wanda D. Thurston
Jill Turcic
Ed Vischak
Becky Volk
Karon L Wallace
Joan Warrick
Weas Engineering, Inc.
Doris Webster
Marty and Beth Wehlage
Cynthia Weiner
John and Sue Whitaker
Neil Edward White
Nick Wilson
Deb Wolfe
George Hunter Young
HONOR ROLL (Up to $249)
Stan and Jennifer Abell
Dennis and Helene Achgill
Andrea Adams
John Adams
Adam Ahlfeld
Michael Edward Akers
Mark and Meg Alberts
Mary Allen
Scott and Robin Alton
Kokou Amefia
Anathoth LLC Livrite Fitness
Thomas and Lori Anderson
Chelsea Ankenbruck
Jill Archibald
Paul and Kathy Arduini
Jeffrey Arnold
Ryan and Abby Auer
Steve and Carol Auslander
Vicki Ayres-Benson
Abby Badger
Brian and Mary Baker
David L. Baker
Janice Baker
Peter and Gayle Baker
Subha Balagopal
Dave and Sharon Baldwin
Steve Ball
Emily Barda
Van and Joan Bareither
Kelly C. Barnes
Charles and Sharon Barnett
Matt Barrett
Julie J. Barthel
Scott Bauserman
Jimmy and Rita Beard
Jennifer Beasley
Angela Beck
Kimbra Becker
Melissa Behny
Megan Behny
Alison Bell
Suzanne S. Bellamy
Susan Bellig
Mary Jaquelin Bennett
Jeff Bercovitz
Douglas A. Bergren
Jason Berkholz
James M. Black Jr.
Brenda Blacklock
Lisa Blanton
Richard and Cassie Bluestein
Brian and Lynn Boak
Shelley Boeglin
Bob Boekankamp
Bob and Terri Bolles
Charles and Julie Bookwalter
Mary Beth Borkowski
Alan E. Bower
Sherri Branaman
Lisa Bray
Nick Brewer
Michael and Ann Wilhoite Brilley
Kevin M. Brinegar
Kirk and Rachel Briscoe
Angela Britain-Smith
Samantha Brooks
Jenny Brown
Martin and Kathy Klausmeier-Brown
Paul and Ann Z. Brown
Jennifer Browne
Cathy Bryant
Steve and Debbie Bulloff
Troy and Meg Burk
Demetrice Burton
JaKobi Burton
Julie Burton
Ashley Butz
Renee Bynum
John and Tammy Caldwell
Casey and Christie Call
Brian and Ali Camp
Howard and Karen Campbell
Sherri Campbell
Valerie L. Campbell
Benigano Cancino-Perez
Rachel Carlisle
Jill Carlson
Carmel Pediatric Dentistry
Nicole Carney
Katharine M. Carr
Tim and Angie Carroll
Emily Carson
Charles (Kip) Carter
Stacy Cartmel
Craig Cartwight and Melissa Purvis
Dustin J. Casey
Kevin Casey
Lindsey Cash
Melissa Cavaghan
Holly Cecil
Change Makers International
Sandra K. Cheney
Richard and Jean Childers-Arnold
Rebecca Christensen
Amy K. Clark
Michelle Clark
Jon and Cara Clippinger
Becky Coffey
Caleb Collins
Nicole M. Collins
Matt Comer
Laura Conlon
Joseph Conrad and Jean Ford
Andrew and Lindsey Cooper
Christopher Copeland
Kristie L Corn
Kelsey Cosier
Denise Cotton
Jennifer Courtney
Marier and Mary Cox
Ryan Cox
David Craig and Jocelyn Sisson
Megan Crankshaw
Stevie Cromer
Dexter Crouch
Carla Crouse
Jason Crull
Jim and Susie Cumming
John and Ruthie Cumming
William and Laura Cummings
Ted and Pam Cummins
Ed Curry
Georgia Elizabeth Curtis
Brenda Dalton
Marcus Dalton
Samantha Daniel
Deborah Darring
Bridget Mary Davenport
Donald and Diane Davis
DBA Circle City Chiropractic
John and Donna Dearth
Ryan and Leslie Decker
Joe and Debbie DeGroff
Arlin and Monica DeJong
Todd Deley
Stella Beatrice Dennett
Shawn Denney
Ramadhani Ali Dhaudi and Esha Abdalla Suleiman
Habib and Malang Diatta
Emily DIckerson
Karen Dickinson
Christel Didat
Beth Diehl-Shelby
Bob and Karen Dietrick
Clay and Julie Dilts
Thomas Dinwiddie
Jennifer Dodson
M. D. Dolenc Enterprise Inc.
Annette Donegan
Bill and Ann Dugan
Linda Dugger
Jack and Kathy Durkin
Collette J. Duvalle
Jodi Eagles
Chris and Carroll Easterday
Eastwood Middle School Extracurricular Account
Alyssa Eaton
Angela Eberhardt
Barbara Eble
Grace Edison
Freddie Edwards, Jr.
Judy Edwards
Thomas and Katherine Eggleston
Janet Eichenberger
David Elian
Molly E. Ellis
Custom Embroidery
Mark E. English
Spear Enterprises
Judy Eppich
Sally Ernstberger
Kristen Renee Erwin
Susan Evans
Sean and Leslie Fahey
Joseph K. and Shannon Farrell
John Feeney
Kathleen Barbush Ferguson
Maria Ferguson
Fetch Brands
John Fields
Kindra Fillmore
First Baptist Athletics
Jennifer Fisher
Alison Fleischer
Michelle Fleming
Sherman E. Flucas, II
William John (Bill) Flynn II
Don and Pam Fogle
Jeff and Marcia Ford
Marsha Ford
Alfred and Marionne Fort
Spencer Fort
General Electric Foundation
Adrienne K. Frank
William and Shirley Frank
Kenneth and Samantha Franklin
Brad and Catherine Fravel
James and Leonice Freeman
Suzette Friar
Rob Friedman and Mindy Hutchinson
Brian and Kendra Friend
Blake and Chris Froberg
Michael Frucci
Allison Fullenkamp
Brian Funk
Jim and Sylvia Funk
J. Marshall Gage
Michael and Trish Gage
Paul and Jean Galanti
Elizabeth Gans
Mario Garcia
Susan Garrard
Karen Gartner
Grant Gaunt
Tom Gayda
Baron Gemmer
Craig and Katy Ghormley
Diana Gibbs
Ashley Gilchrist
Joseph Giordano
Glendale Chiropractic
Mark and Judy Goldberg
Benjamin Goldfarb
Virginia Goll
Andrea Gollnick
Maria Gonzales
Adam Goodman
Heather Goodrich
Brett Goodwin
Rick Granlund
Larry Greenbaum and Cassia Margolis
Shari Grinnell
Erin Groene
Erika L Grueninger
Michael and Ericka Grueninger
Annette Guenther
Anthony Gulley
Dave and Lisa Gundaker
David and Laura Guntz

Cara Hachmeister
Laura Haines
Lori Hall
Lori Halloran
Megan A. Hamilton
Seth Hamilton
Stacie F. Hamilton
John and Carroll Hannon
Greg and Susan Hardesty
Charlie and Cindie Harp
Edwin and Karen Harper
Nancy Harrell
Larry and Louise Haskett
Mark Haste
Jill Hatcher
Kathy Pedrotti Hays
Doug and Susan Heckler
Tom and Robin Hedderich
Bret and Becky Heerema
Zachary Held
Sheila Helmold
Paula Denise Hendrickson
Rob and Shelley Hendrix
DeAnn Henry
Gary and Pam Hentschel
Herff Jones
Ashli Hess
Anne Higgins
Jeff and Deborah Hilburn
Gary and Stacy Hillock
Ariel Shlomo Hodes
Kathrynn Hodson
Brian Hogan
Kristin Hogan
Fred and Janet Hohlt
Sheryl Holko
Jay and Kathy Hollander
Christopher Holmes
Phillip and Ellen Hon
Becky Hoog
Harold and Marion Hoopingarner
Heidi Hoopingarner
Kayree Horn
John and Kathleen Howald
Kevin C. Howard
Phaedra Howard
Edward Hruskocy
Joanne Hughes
Julie Hughes
Rod Hughes
Kay Humphrey
Mary (Libby) Hunt
John and Patty Hunter
Stacey Hutte
Corinne Imboden
Indiana Oxygen
Indianapolis Racquet Club
Indy Family Chiropractic LLC
Marianne Inman
Troy and Maravene Inman
Stacy Isaacs
Amanda Ivy-Hunter
Amber Vickery Jackson
Roberta Ann Jackson
Christine K. Jacobson
David and Ainsley James
Phyllis James
Nancy J. Jarrell
Holly Jarrett
Dot Jeffrey
Tara Jobe-Scott
Eric D. Johnson
Rasheeda Johnson
Warren Jones and Frances Gray
Jerry Jones
Robert and Lauri E. Jones
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Matt and Claudia Judge
John and Lori Juerling
Jon and Barb Kane
Joyce Karrmann
Barry and May Katz
John F. Kautzman
Catherine Keating
Robert and Rianne Keedy
Warren Keiner
Martin Kelty
Marvin and Marie Kemple
Keather Kent
Tim Kershaw
Janielle P. Kilies
Sarah L. Kincade
Eric and Anne King
Kaden King
Deron S. Kintner
Jane E. Kirtley
Richard and Margery Klapper
Stacie Kleeman
Stephen and Elaine Kleifgen
Ann Kocher
Diane Kostyshyn
Brett Kraftson
Frank T. Krahulik
Jennifer Kremer
Cheryl Krueger
Chet Kubit
Alice M. Lad
Michael Lamirand
Tom and Nancy Lange
Jeff and Diana Larson
Kimberly Nicole Lassere
Robert J. Lattimer
Skye Leasure
Shelbie Leatherman
Quinton and Karla Lee
Alicia Lehman
Elizabeth Lehman
Jack and Karen Kay Leonard
Mary Lynn Lesnick
Sarah Lewis
Joe Licata
Thomas A. Lichtenauer
Jennifer Lindell
Jim and Glenn Livers
Alvin Logan
Courtney Paige Logan
Marty and Nancy Logan
Enrico and Julie Logatto
Tim and Suzanne Lohrstorfer
Peter and Jessica Loomis
William and Catherine Lord
Katie Lucas
Kiyomi Luckett
Megan Crain Lynch
MacDesigns, Inc.
Teleia Magee
Laura Mail
Bill and Janet Main
David and Diane Mandel
Jason and Devin Mandel
Andrew and Joy Manna
Natalie Manthey
Katelyn Marando
Kyle Marshall
Claire Danielle Martin
Rhonda Martin
Lindsey Mastain
Ericka Masters
Allegra Mather
Reagen Mathew
Mike and Laura Mathews
Kimberly Matsuoka
Donald and Carol Mattson
Betsy Maurer
Stacy A. Maurer
William and Mary Ann Maxwell
Holly May
Joseph May
Jon Mayes
Daniel and Jessica Mayorga
Paul R. McCain
Timothy D. McClenny
Tony and April McClurg
Kelly McConahay
Alison McConnell
Britt McDermott
Barry McGinness
David McGinness
Julie McKenna
Lloyd McKinney
Patricia C McMath
Jan McNulty
Alexandra McQuade
Nadine McSpadden
Rachel McWaters
Rachel Dawn McWaters
Kara Mealy
Boe Meh
Patricia Mejia
Kristen Melek
Jill Mercer
Dawn Merrill
Kellee Merritt
Michael and Julie Mervis
Chad Michalek
Barbara Miedema
Kevin Miller
Earl and Carol Miller
John and Robin Minturn
Brandon Mitchell
Douglas Mitchell
Timothy S. Mitchell
Richard J. Moak
Jena Mobley
Bruce and Karen Molitoris
John Montgomery
Lynn and Jan Montgomery
Angela Moore
Cynthia F. Moore
Jeremy D. Moore
Les Morris and Ellen Gabovitch
Walt Morris
A. Dolores Morrissey
Jack and Susan Moss
Jeffrey and Catherine Mossler
Rachel Mourfield
MSDWT Parent Council
Syndi and Mike Mulcahy
Margaret Ellen Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy
Tracy Murphy
Martina Mutone
C. Lynn Myers
Bill and Gina Naas
Willard Todd Nailon, Jr.
Tim and Meg Nation
Sara Neal
Corinne Neff
Donald and Mary Negbenebor
Mary Ann Neighbors
Larry Neuman and Julie Sommers Neuman
Paul and Christine O. Newman-Jacobs
Brittany C. Nickerson
Morgan E. Nickols
Andy and Jenny Noble
North Central High School Extra Curricular Acct.
North Central High School Food Service
James G. Null
John and Nancy Null
Marybel Nunez
Peter and Tracy Nygaard
Cheryl Obenchain
Traci Odle
Martin and Kitty O’Donnell
Anthony and Christina Ogden
April L. Oldham
Tom and Ann Olvey
Jessica O’Neill-Casas
Orange Theory
Osco, Inc.
Paul and Lisa Osterman
Jan Ottolini
Kelly Ouattara
Tara Nia Outlaw
Katey Einterz Owen
Marla Palacios
John Panyard and Sons LLC
Jayson and Kendra Parker
Allison C. Paul
Meredith Riley Paul

Tymika Payne
Denise Pearson
Steve Perkins
Phylesa Perry
John and Michelle Persinger
John and Julie Peterson
Ryan and Shalee Petty
Lara Phelps
Diana Phillips
Kaitlyn Phillips
J. Daniel Philpott
Julie S. Pickart
Bruce Pickering
Kristin L. Pingel
Anat Pinsky
Amanda Pitzele
James J. Plant
Kayla Seedborg Pollack
Heather Pollock
Barry Porter
Carlicia A. Porter
David Porter
Jasmine Porter
Lindsey Porter
Trish Poteet
Ward A. Poulos
David and Edi Powell
Elisa Powell
Mary S. Pratt
Bryan and Toby Presnal
Jennifer Price
Nancy K. Pruett
Kathryn J. Pulley
Lauren Query
Josh and Jessica Rabuck
Sarah Rahrig
Michael and Tennille Rains
DeeAnn Ramey
Steve and Pam Rappaport
Mhem Rar
Audra Rasmussen
Jesse and Mercedes Redman
Rick and Mary Redman
Leslie Reed
Meredith Reed
Michelle Reel
Chris and Mary Beth Reffett
John Reh
Rosemary Rehak
Gary Reiter
Grant and Lynn Remington
Brian and Amy Resler
Tanya Revell
Dawn Richardson
Joshua Richmond
Marcia Rosene-Rigdon
Michelle Riggers
Sarah Rihm
Dan and Lisa Riley
Richard McGowan and Barbara Ring
John and Susan Risk
Kathleen Robbins
Julia Roberts
Ke’Vin E. Roberts
Cory and Jen Robertson
David Robertson
Virginia Robertson
Leroy Robinson
Elizabeth Rogers
Amelia S. Rose
Phillip and Megan Roth
Elizabeth Rothrock
Natalie Rowe
Elizabeth Richardson Ruben
Carl and Dorothy Rubis
Amy Ruschak
Tim and Diana Ruschhaupt
Jill Russell
Rex Rymers
Ashlee Sadler
Michael Sanders
Anders Sandstrom and Nina Ardery
Alex Sawana
Susan Schaeffer
Thomas and Lori Schafianski
Linda Marie Schenk
Nicole Scherrer
Aimee Scheuermann
Shawn Schlepp
Barbara M. Schmidt
Lynn Schopp
Stephanie Schroeder
Jim and Sandy Schwarz
John and Pam Schwarz
Mary Patricia Searight
Jim and Suzanne Seiders
Laura Sellars
Kari Serak
Jason and Liz Sewell
Rick and Carla Shadiow
Steve and Cindy Shamo
Carolyn Sharp
Jeff and Jeannine Shelton
Bernard and Rosie Shepard
Nathan Shewell
Tom and Dixie Shrock
Alan and Jody Siegel
Bob and Denise Silbert
Greg and Renny Silver
Lou Silverman
Chris and Emily Silveus
Gregory Skillman
Mary Smalling
Aaron and Maribeth Smith
Charles and Heather Smith
Dawn Smith
Eric and Dina Smith
Ilene S. Smith
Kenton Smith
Pamela H. Smith
Basil Smotherman
Myron Snelson
Gary Snider
William I. Snyder
Jim and Nancy Souers
Ronald and Donna Spraggins
Chris and Susie Sprinkle
John and Celeste Stanley
Pat Staubach
Marianne Stauffer
Tom and Barb Stayton
Brandon and Diane Steffey
Frederick and Helen Stehman
Rachel Stein
Terri Steinken
Lois Stewart
R. Chad Stickle
Andy Stoffregen
Rich Stolt
Jennifer Stonebracker
Joe and Claudia Storey
Lori Stout
Rich Streb
Elizabeth Streit
Anthony and Gail Strong
John and Rachel Stutsman
James and Mary Sukup
Kathryn Sullivan
Carl Sundquist
Kristin Swenson
Linda Swift
Russell and Julie Swisher
Robert Smith and Joan Szynal
Tacos Without Borders, Inc.
Mageed Tadoras and Phoebe Israel
Gay Talbert
Bill and Janet Taylor
Jay and Laura Taylor
John and Catherine Taylor
Gene and Mary Tempel
Mike and Betsy Terry
Scott and Sharon Thiems
Diane Thompson
Jennifer P. Thompson
Heather Tibbs
Ken and JoAnn Todd
Tracy Toumi
Lee White Toussant
Kyle H. Trost
Hwa Tsu
April Tuason
James Tutin
Unique Home Solutions
David and Lynn Valinetz
Janice E. Vandenbergen-Smith RN
Laura VanderHaeghen
Kristen Vannatta
Paula J. VanNess
Robert Vermillion
Kevin and Ann Vick
Alan Vickrey
Paige Vinson
Doug and Brooke Vinton
David S. Vonnegut-Gabovitch
Sharri Wagner
Bo and Mary Walker
Steve Walker
Chad A. Wallace
Adam and Holly Walsh
Jill Ware
Christopher Wash
John Wash
Cici Waterman
John and Charlotte Watson
Christopher Waugh
Sonya Weber
Bart and Cathy Weidman
Libby Weldon
Joe Weller
Charles and Beth Wellman
Walter R. Wellman, III
Mike and Annie Wells
Bernette Wheeler
Dave Wheeler
Adra Wheeler
Kerri White
Kerry M. White
Robert and Debra Whitman
Joe and Julie Whitsett
Savannah Whitson
Matt Whitt
Fred and Elizabeth Wiese
Lauren Wilber
Russell Wiley
Greg and Angela Wilhelm
Matilda J. Wilhoite
Larry Willan
Steve and Judi Willem
Carolyn S. Williams
Courtney Williams
Joli Williams
Pam Teter Williams
Yvonne Williams
Carrie Wilson
Jim and Leslie Wilson
Emily Wincek
Janet Windisch
Molly Winkler
Lindsay Wirtz
Dan Witte
Barry and Margaret Wood
Lisa Woods
Jennifer Worthington
Patricia Wright
Crystal Wright
Cynthia Wright
Shawn Wright-Browner
Chuck and Pat Wyman
Rich and Sue Wynne
Michael and Lindsay Yaggi
Ling-Yu Yang
Timothy Yarling
Carletha Yarrell
Mike Yonts and Cheri Harris
Stacey Young
Kate Young
Jeffrey J. Yu
Nathan and Jennifer Yumibe
Amy Zehr
Melinda Zore
Pamela Zwickel